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lucky1_gardenerMarch 23, 2011

Hi, this might be a strange question, but I'll try anyway. Our outside faucet is a frost free type. All the pipes to it were drained all winter to prevent any type of frozen pipes. In the last week we've opened the pipes back up and used this faucet with no problems and no leaks. The temps have not gotten close to freezing. This morning I found the faucet dripping pretty good. No one has turned it on for days. (unless some stranger came and used it for some reason which is doubtful)

Is there any reason that this could happen? I've turned it on and then back off again and it's not dripping anymore other than the usual drip or two after it's been turned off. This was installed brand new one year ago.


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If I had to guess, I'd say there was some gunk in the line after opening and closing the valves and the seal didn't close completely on the outside one. You ran some water through it, flushing out the gunk, and now it works properly again.

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