Hafele trash foot pedal questions

gwloloMarch 3, 2013

If you have the hafele trash foot pedal, I would love some help. Where does the other end of the bungee cord attach to? One end is mounted on the floor but the other end seems to have no place to go. I have 2 of these and my cabinet guy spent a good hour trying to figure it out on Friday and could not. Pics would be hugely helpful! Thanks.

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There is a hole towards the back of the side "panel" (the metal frame in which the trash cans sit). The other end of the bungee cord hooks onto (into?) that hole. If you have a different frame or base for the trash cans themselves, I don't know where they attach, but you can check for any holes built into the surface.

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Our trash cans are rev-a-shelf and are door mounted. There seem to no holes to use. My understanding was that the Hafele foot pedal can be used with any trash setup. Is there supposed to be some sort of an extra piece that has to be mounted on the trash pullout that the bungee cord can hook on to. I am just wondering if the cabinet maker got the wrong type. The foot pedal also looks like a rectangle and is not the curvy metl I was expecting.

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Here's ours. I didn't like the trash pullout we bought from (I think Hafele) so DH just made a box for me. The spring is attached to a screw.

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And here's the other cabinet. It looks like DH just used a tie wrap to secure the spring to the rail, he's so creative. You may or may not be aware that you lose the soft close on the cabinet with the foot pedal. (We didn't know). Best, oldbat2be

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Gwlolo-bumping to make sure you saw, though guessing you probably already figured something out:)

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Having just gotten off the phone with Hafele, I can assure you that they do not specify that the pedal can work with any system. I first installed this about 7 years ago when we did our kitchen remodel. The pedal worked GREAT until last summer. A little plastic piece snapped off one morning and the magnet would not longer engage. After several phone calls I was told that I had to purchase an entirely new foot pedal unit (and they now looked a bit different than what I originally had). Fast forward six months, and today I had the same thing happen (same plastic piece snapped out). Hafele has kindly offered to replace the foot pedal under warranty but has warned me that this is only to be used with specific pullouts (mine is not one of them) and that I cannot expect it to work with a generic (non-Hafele) trash cabinet. The next time this happens, I will not be given a replacement. He said he was surprised it had lasted so long the first time. At this rate, the trash pedals are going to run about $150-$200 a year. I'm going to be looking for another solution, I think. After all this time, I'm surprised there are not more options on the market. Has anyone else out there had their pedal break like mine?

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I'm having trouble visualizing the Hafele foot pedal system. Would anybody care to offer an opinion on whether it will work with my drawer. I don't know who the manufacturer is as there are no markings that I could see. Thanks for any advice!

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I think it would . ..though you need to make sure you have clearance below the rack upon which your cans sit. What is the distance between the bottom of that rack and the bottom of the cabinet door? The mechanism attaches to the door front there, and you need enough room for it. The other issue, I mentioned above is just that for some reason Hafele says they weren't designed to work with non-Hafele systems. Mine still worked for many years . . .but when it breaks they won't replace it because it is a non-approved use. Ours worked great for many years. I'm hopeful that this new one they are sending lasts longer than the replacement I got last summer.

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The clearance is 1". Do you think it will fit?

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