know of breed rescue?

cheryl_pAugust 31, 2009

Can anyone steer me to a GSD rescue group that I can contact? I've gotten myself into a "fix". The neighbor of a friend of a friend (I know!) has a one-year-old shepard chained in the of those neglect stories. I am willing to even purchase the dog in order to get it out of there but I DON'T have the set up (cats, no space, etc) for an unruly albeit beautiful, smart LARGE dog. One of the general rescues here is full and keeps saying I should foster it. Well, I can't. Other people have criticized me for even getting involved but how could I not?! The Humane Soc. has visited the dog twice now or so I'm told. Any suggestions?

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cheryl, where do you live? there are any number of breed-specific rescues that might take this dog, if they are within a reasonable distance.

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Go to Google. Type in "German Shepherd Dog Rescue" and the name of the closest large city.

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The dog is in Flint, Michigan. Thanks.

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1. Good for you for getting involved and even being willing to put out funds for this dog.
2. Go drop the dog off at the ASPCA - they are a no kill shelter and will should take the dog.
3. Good luck

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Contact the SPCA. I had occasion to call a few years back regarding a "German Shepard Puppy Mill" where all the dogs were neglected. The SPCA Officer that responded was a retired Police Officer! The people involved can never own an animal again. By contacting the SPCA you are more apt to ensure a proper investigation/follow-up thereby protecting any future animals these people may get. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

I applaud you for getting involved. We are their voice when they do need help.

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The link below lists three rescue groups for German Shepherd dogs in Michigan, though only the first two links work for me:

Here is a link that might be useful: German Shepherd dog rescue groups

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