My cat sprayed me??

JulbeanAugust 10, 2011

hi,this is my first post.I'm only posting because I have searched the internet for answers and haven't found anything that sounds like what happened.

My cat is a year old and yes,he is neutered.He is part Maine Coon,and very beautiful and also extremely social and friendly.He follows me around and has slept with me since the first day we brought him home (8 weeks old).

Tonight he was sitting on my lap and I was giving him lovins.

He was purring and started kneading his paws on my lap.

Then he started slowly turning in circles and his tail was twitching.I didn't think anything of it,but then I saw little tiny droplets of liquid in spots where his tail twitched.

The only thing I have been able to find online is that it could have been spray.I have mostly read that cats do it when they are being territorial or threatened,but it didn't feel that way.

As I said,he was in a very relaxed state,purring and kneading his paws.I have not read anything that puts spraying together with kneading and purring.

I'm not really upset by it.He is a great cat and has never sprayed or peed on anything else.Just trying to find out why this may have happened.Thanks!

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'cause he's a cat?
& a toot?

I've had that happen occasionally, & I stand up & shriek.

seems to work well.

If he keeps doing it after you've "trained" him, you might need to call the vet.

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Lol,yeah he is a little toot.He is about due for some shots so I guess I'll just ask the vet about it to be safe too.
I'm just glad it wasn't a lot,and oddly enough had no odor to it at all either.

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I only recently learned the term "phantom spraying" because my little guy does it when he is excited. From what little I read about phantom spraying, they don't spray, but I wonder if that is what your guy is doing and maybe he's accidentally letting a little out? You can search the term online and see if you can find more info.

My little Mort gets so excited when food is being dished out and also when DH walks into the master bedroom at bedtime (because DH plays with him with a laser pointer at that time)- his little hind feet start lifting off the ground and his tail twitches wildly, but so far, no detectable moisture- however he's never done this while standing on me, usually he's standing next to the bed or the kitchen cabinets, so if he's sprinkled at all, I'm not aware of it.

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I have read that the "kneading " can be a sexual stimulant in (male) cats. Thinking back I had a pure white male cat that would always need to attend to his genitals right after a kneading session and he would be moist. My female Calico kneads but has not shown any signs of needing to attend to those areas.

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Hello qusifish,I will look up more info on the phantom spraying.

Lisa11310,that could be possible too.He is neutered,but before he got fixed he would sometimes hump things.he has never humped me,but he likes to sit on your tummy and knead his paws.
This was the first time i ever noticed any kind of liquid though and the tail shaking.

He also caterwauls a lot sometimes,and it makes me think he still wants a mate.I thought all of that would stop when he got neutered.It has been a year almost and he still does it though.

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