Demifloyd- Do you still have a room painted Terracotta Sand?

sis2twoMarch 21, 2014

I did a search to see if I could find some photos of Terracotta Sand by Ellen Kennon and your post came up. However your photos now are saying private. If you still have rooms painted that color, do you mind posting them. I would appreciate it. Thanks so much.

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Demi, we love your home. Can we peer one room at a time? You post, we peek. K? Perhaps that would encourage Allison and my3dogs to post theirs, all of which we love.

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Yes, Demi, I too would love to see your home! "But you know that." lol.

Please do post, if you have the time and inclination.

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You can do a google image search and find a few slideshows of her home. The Internet is forever...

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Tried doing google search and I couldn't find anything.

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There are a couple pictures on line but most of her pictures on line are of a personal nature.

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I'm friends with Demifloyd, so I sent her a text. I also did a Google Image search - none of the "personal" pictures were hers, but I did see a few of her house photos. A Yahoo image search yielded more photos of her home than Google, but again, no personal nature pictures.

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Thanks Allison.

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Sorry--I say 'google' for any sort of Internet search by habit. My Firefox browser now defaults to Bing, for some reason. A Bing image search on Demifloyd's screen name yields this slideshow, among others.

Editing to note I would not have shared this had it contained personal information. To the OP, it seems image #9 might be the color you're seeking.

Here is a link that might be useful: This may be helpful

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Thank you so much peony. That was indeed helpful! I think I picked out the Terracotta Sand color. Beautiful home!

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Hi--Allison texted me, I am headed out the door right now but tomorrow I'll try to post, it looks like you already see some, but some of those pictures I scrolled through on that slideshow are NOT my photos.

Weird, my album is private, I will happily share photos of my home but some of those home photos are not mine, I don't save photos like that and have no idea where they come from!

So no personal photos of me or mine!

Yes, room is still terracotta sand, that is dressing room.
I think there is one on there.

Thanks, will be back!

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I looked through that album and recognized some rooms belonging to other members here at THS, so it seems someone created this public album and clipped photos from here. Weird! Demi it seems you have or had a fan and/or stalker!

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When a screen name posts in a thread with *any* image in it, an Internet search will often pick up the image with all of the screen names or other identifying search words in the thread. I don't believe the Image searches are generated by users, but rather the search engine itself. I wouldn't worry about a fan or stalker, and this also explains why images from many users may show up in a single screen name search.

Before I officially joined GW last year, I had to research how my information would show up outside of this forum, for professional reasons (not related to anything in this forum--I work in another field, and this is simply my hobby), and learned quite a bit about information-sharing and where it may end up. As a guest user, I would conduct random searches on users to see how far I could get with information provided, as part of my education.

Nonetheless, Demifloyd, I am not stalking you. :-) I apologize if my responses here were alarming.

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Want to bump this because I am hoping to see room posted in Terracotta Sand. Now I'm not sure which picture was Demi's. Hope she sees this.

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Here is one from the EK website:

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Thanks wendyb.

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demifloyd, is that your bathroom at the beginning of the album?

If so, do you know the name of the black and white wallpaper--the one with the fishes on it?

Love it and look forward to seeing your photos.

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Sis2two--my apologies, I've been out of town and my busiest time of year I'm just now getting back to this thread.

This weekend I took some updated photos--most of these were taken over five years ago and of course there have been changes, I STILL haven't finished "decorating" everything and still hanging and changing art, bedding, furniture, window coverings and accessories!

Unfortunately, I had just updated my Mac to Maverick, and now it won't recognize Iphoto and says it needs to be updated.
I'm going to have to have someone help me do that so I can get my pictures from my camera on IPhoto.

Anyway, so many members were fun and helpful when I was first building and decorating and it was encouraging at the time I was first on this forum to see where others had made progress on their homes, so I will indeed update the album and share as soon as I get that straightened out and a few projects finished, hopefully in a month or two.

In the meantime, I pulled several photos of the Terracotta Sand in the dressing room--as you know EK colors "change" because of the pigments, so I tried to find representations of different light. I've also included a few other photos of the house.

The color in the bedroom just outside the dressing room is EK Adobe and they are very similar, I think it's my favorite color it turns to a rose gold with the afternoon sunset.

I couldn't find the bathroom in the google album that mixed my photos with others, so I will post a photo of the black and white Thibault (if memory serves me correct) wallpaper in my guest bath.

Thanks everyone, happy decorating!

Ellen Kennon Terracotta Sand walls, Gustavian Gray ceiling


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