Water Softener Choice

SavingmoneyMarch 27, 2013

Hello, we have hard water with 1.8 ppm iron and 3.7 gpg solids.
The pH is 7.
I am looking at a Culligan high efficiency softener, which is about $2,000. Previously, I was looking at purchasing a softener with a Fleck control from a online store for about $750. Now, I was wondering, is Culligan worth the $1,250 extra. If I did go with Culligan, I would get a 99 days tryout, free installation, and a longer warranty. The Fleck control softener would be cheaper, with a shorter warranty and I would have to pay $250 to $350 for a plumber to install.
I was wondering if anyone had any advice?
Thanks for your help.

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Culligan is not worth anything more. I cannot begin to tell you the problems that we've had with their products in multiple applications. The quality of their water softener's are poor, they require frequent repair, and Culligan is not willing to stand up to their warranty. We had one model that had been installed by Culligan fail within 30 days of installation and flood our neighbor. They replaced it with the same model, the same seal failed, and once again our neighbors were flooded. In the end, Culligan had to be sued to meet their warranty obligations.

In contrast to Culligan, Kinetico has been absolutely trouble-free, is a much better design, and uses a fraction of the salt that the Culligan unit was consuming.

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First, a few questions:

1. Well water of city water?
2. How many people in the home? Do you expect this number to change within the next few years?
3. How many bathrooms?
4. Any high-water-use fixtures, such as a jetted tub or multi-head shower?
5. Have you had your water tested by a certified lab?
6. Any color or odor in your water?
7. What size softener is Culligan recommending?

Personally, I am not a fan of Culligan. I find them to be overpriced and their techs to be under-educated, but that may just be my own bias and not a reflection of your local Culligan folks. If you have other local water treatment companies, it may be worthwhile to get them out to provide a bid as well.

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