Caesarstone Countertop MISTAKE - how much to ask back vs. re-do

tungsten79March 5, 2013

Hi all,

Caesarstone countertop just installed - project cost $4k including materials/installation. At one corner cut, one side is over-cut into the Caesarstone by 1/2 inch. They filled it with some colored resin material, but it's still visible. No backsplash or tile on the adjacent wall.

How much to ask for discount from the fabricator? I don't think they'll want to re-cut the whole piece.

I feel it looks sloppy.

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I'll be interested to see what the experts say, but I'm with you, that looks sloppy. I would not ask for a discount, I'd ask for it to be redone. No matter how much money I got back for that I wouldn't want to look at it.

By the way, is that one of the new colors? It looks very neat from what I can see of it (disregarding the major mistake).

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thanks! this is a new color - Style #5033 Piatra grey.

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Rethink the backsplash. It is industry standard to have some gap between the counter and wall. Not THAT big of a gap, but 1/8", and even 1/4" is common.

THAT should be redone. No discount.

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I agree! That doesn't look right at all. Have them redo it. It's an expensive purchase and it should be done right. You don't want to be aggravated by it every time you see it.

In the meantime would you be so kind as to post some photos of your counter. Would love to see what the counter in that pattern looks like and see more of that pattern on a run of counter. Please :-)!

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Yes, more pictures of the countertop! I haven't seen any installed pictures of Piatra Gray yet and it looks fantastic!

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They botched my Caesarstone too, with an almost 1/2 inch gap between the counter and backsplash. Even though there will be tile on the backsplash, it wouldn't hide that big a gap. I paid for a Caesarstone counter, not caulk.

The rep who came out immediately agreed that was unacceptable and they redid the entire job without argument, starting all over with the template process.

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What a bummer, you must be disappointed. I would demand a redo, this is a long term investment and you deserve to have your kitchen done to a sufficent standard.

BTW, I too would love to see a big picture of what the Cesarstone looks like. I am in the process of picking a counter color and this looks wonderful from the picture you show. Thanks!!

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OMGosh - that is ugly - I can barely see our seams in our Cambria!
Not acceptable!!!

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The fabricator may not "want" to re-cut that piece, but that is what needs to happen. live_wire_oak is correct that some gap is acceptable, but not 1/2". For $4000, you should expect a job that meets at least minimum industry standards.

From the Marble Institute of America guidelines:

11.6 Joints at Materials Transition.
Visible joints be-tween the stone units and other materials (e.g., cabinetry, gypsum wall board) shall be 1/8â nominal, with a tolerance of ñ1/16â (ñ1.5 mm), and filled with a low modulus elastomeric material....Concealed joints between the stone and other construction materials (e.g., stone-to-wall joint underneath the backsplash) shall be sized to ensure a minimum of 1/8â (3 mm) of cover.

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Just checking back to see if the OP is around to update us on what happened (and maybe to share a couple of countertop pictures).

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