How to stop my cat from peeing on piles-clothes and trash bags?!

melly_pwnzAugust 28, 2008

Hello everyone, I'm new here. I hope you all can help me solve this problem. My cat Halo (about a year old)has been peeing on any piles around the house (clothes and trash bags for some strange reason) and I'd like to have some ideas to why shes doing it and what can be done about it.

Some background info:

She isn't fixed yet. She just started the whole meowing 24/7 while in heat thing a couple weeks ago, and I plan to get her fixed SOON.

We do have a new cat, well kitten, but he's been around for a good couple months now, about 4 probably. He is a male and is about...6 months old? Would she just start this up out of the blue because of him NOW?

I thought it might be something like missing my fiance' (he works a lot) but I don't know.

Is it dominance? Is it because she's in heat? I don't know what the problem is exactly so I can't pin point the solution.Should I get another litter box? She's getting fixed within the next month so I'm hoping that might help. Also, I was reading around and heard it might be stress and she might need meds. Does anyone know how much these might cost? My fiance and I are a young couple and don't have much money (pleaseee don't lecture me about how much money it costs to take a animal to the vet. If she was dying, I'd find it, but because she's

Any advice would be greatly apperciated=)


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Take her to a vet IMMEDIATELY. It sounds like a UTI or other kidney problem. Getting her spayed should be a priority as well, that could also contribute to the problem.

The biggest reason kitties pee outside of the box is because they associate the box with the pain of using it, you don't want her to be in pain any longer than she has to. Please take her in today!

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I have been having this problem with my cat for years.

There is a chance she has a UTI, so like everyone will tell you, take her to the vet as soon as possible. Peeing outside the box is her way of telling you SOMETHING, and there is a good chance that she may be in pain and is trying to get your attention.

You should have at least 2 if not 3 litter boxes in the house. (The rule is one per cat plus an extra = 3)

Also isolate her from whatever she is peeing on, if that's possible. If she constantly pees in the bedroom or the laundry room, don't allow her in those rooms.

Do her and the kitten get along well? I wouldn't think it would be related to the kitten if he has already been around for 6 months.

Take her to the vet as soon as you can, aka: this week if possible! They can spay her and check for any other issues at the time.

Trust me when I say there is nothing more frustrating than a cat refusing to use the litter box! Try to nip this problem immediately and hopefully you can save yourself years of cleaning bed sheets, clothes, replacing items, etc.

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