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mav3481March 10, 2011


I'm not sure if this is the right place, but it has to deal with PVC :-)

I'm looking to take two downspouts from the front of my house and direct them into a PVC 6" pipe buried about 8 inches down and sloped to allow the water to run off. I would then tunnel under the sidewalk and out towards the street.

Does anyone see a problem with this plan or using PVC? I know I could use a weeping tile drain type of system so I can collect from the yard as well, but I'm just trying to get this away from my "pool" next to my porch.

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The flexible weeping hose can get clogged with silt and roots. The rigid smooth-wall pvc is most resistant to clogging, depending on what comes down the drainpipe.
You might also want to address the slope of the ground around the house if water tends to pool there. It should slope at least 1/4" per foot away from the foundation.

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It's not so much that water pools, its that the gutters/downspouts can't handle the water (it drains probably 1/3 of the house through one downspout - being replaced soon).

I'll stick with the PVC since it'll only be rainwater to get rid of. I just wanted to make sure that someone else would think it was a good idea also.


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