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kleahAugust 21, 2009

PLEASE! Once I joined, as I looked at the forums, I could not find the pet forum listed...WHY? and how do I find i when clicking on "forums" only gardening ect is listed. I had to go to the google search and find the page I originally clicked on to get back to the pet forum. This is really the only one I was into actually.

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I feel like an idot now! Just that the top bar that says "forums" didn't have the larger listing of forums that I just now found. Nevermind! :-) and please forgive my silliness as I am new here ok?

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Fori is not pleased

Hehe. It's not you.

It's my first visit to the pet forum but I've been using the gardening forums here for a while. The software used for these forums is a real flashback to the early days of the web. Eventually you figure it out, but it's primitive and not at all as functional as any other forum out there.

It's years overdue for an upgrade!

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ummm....but I LIKE it this way!

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