Peeing dog

lily316August 9, 2009

My 20 month old neutered male dog squats when he pees. My previous dogs were female, so I'm not sure this is normal. I have noticed him on occasion when around another dog, sometimes he'll wonder over to a pole and lift his leg, but this is unusual. On our daily walks, he squats and pees like a girl. Do I have a sissy boy here??

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What kind of dog breed do you have. My moms male bulldog also squats to pee...unless he is lifting his leg on a wall or something else.

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Don't know if he's a sissy, but we had a husky who used to squat. He was a very calm dog, unlike another female husky we had which was more reflective of her breed. i.e., hard headed, ball of energy, major prey drive.

My Mom's female Corgie tries to hike her short little legs. So she's also confused.

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My rescued dog, Ziggy, is half Boston Terrier and half Sheltie. Picture a Boston body with the black and white markings with a pointed Sheltie face and ears. He's 22 pounds with long enough legs. He seems to lift ONLY when marking, not peeing, and always has in the year I've had him.

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Does not matter the breed. Nothing is wrong with your dog. A male will lift his leg to prove to other ales he is big. Foxes will often do this as well, poop on top of a rock in hopes of keeping others away because he is a BIG fox.
So you want your pup to lift his leg, go socialize hiim. right now he has no reason to "prove" his territory is his. He will learn from other males to lift his leg - so it is off to a local dog park for you, or if you see a neighbor with a male dog ask if you can walk together. Your furbaby will be doing his macho stuff in no time.

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Ziggy IS a very social dog. He's been to the dog park four times in cooler weather and gets along fine. On our daily two/three mile walk we encounter all sorts of dogs and he has no problem. He's only scared of my daughter's 20 pound cat. But I have a cat that size who he gets along fine with. I guess it's just a quirk with him and he thinks he's macho enough with out proving

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ha. he will get it, just let him hang out with the big boys, he will be lifting his leg soon enough. Good luck. PS my 87 pound bull mastiff husky mix is also afraid of cats.....weird.

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My older dog stopped lifting his leg when his spine arthritis was acting up. If he didn't lift, he would end up peeing on his front feet.

I've had females who lifted legs and males who didn't. I wouldn't worry about it.

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Sound the horns. Ziggy lifted his leg on the telephone pole on our walk this afternoon. Must've known I was posting about him.

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This is such a cute topic.

I've had males all my life. I think they learn from each other and/or some figure it out naturally. I occasionally babysit my Mom's Yorkie and she's picked up the habit of lifting her leg.

Joepyeweed, my big dog does that also.

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