Recommendation for Replacement Water Softener for 12 yr old Culli

indywarMarch 6, 2012

My Culligam Mark100 water softener recently died after 12 yrs and I am in the market for a new softener. I would really appreciate recommendations. I have tried to research water softeners which range anywhere from the Kenmore/Whirlpool($500-700) model in the stores to the Prosoft CS1 EE($700), Fleck 5600 SXT ($600), and Culligan High efficiency softener($2000). I am looking for something dependable, a good value, and something that does not require a special repair tech to work on (read Culligan). I also have a Culligan RO system that seem to be working OK, and I will not plan to replace immediately.


Size of Family: 6

Size of house ~1800 sqr ft

Hardness: 20 gpg

Water source: City

Chloride: 1 ppm

Iron: Non detect

TDS: ~ 400-450

Location of softener: garage next to hot water heater

Thanks for any advice.


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PH of the water?


# of bathrooms?

SFR of the plumbing?

Any water hogging appliances like a Jacuzzi or monster shower?

Is the softener plumbed to soften the whole house or just the water heater?

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And the size of the plumbing at the softener...

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