Crate training Punkin - Anxious or spoiled?

sweetchastityAugust 26, 2010

When I try to get Punkin to rest in his crate for short periods of time, to train him, he'll just whine and howl and carry on. I think he went as long as half an hour once. I worry that it might be anxiety so I'm wondering if anyone can advise me on how long should a puppy whine before they settle down? I know each puppy is an individual but I wonder at what point is it too much where it might be cruel to keep him in it longer. He is spoiled, he wants his way and doesn't like any sort of restriction in his environment but he has also demonstrated anxious behaviour so I'm not sure if he's carrying on because he thinks he'll eventually get his way or if he's in distress.

Also when Punkin sleeps in our bed he shuffles so much like he can't find a comfortable spot. He digs deeper under or between pillows then after a few minutes gets up and goes to the end of the bed or just turns around. He seems to do this all night long, least while I'm awake, I'm wondering if this behaviour would make sleeping in a crate difficult?

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Let's see now --- hmmm. I can sleep on the bed with mommy and daddy or I can be all alone in a crate. So hard to decide!!!! Big mistake letting him sleep with you -- now you will just have to listen to the whining until he realizes who is the boss. (a baby with the same decision, but a crib will have the very same reaction and the crying will last lots longer than 30 minutes!)

Make him stay off the bed now while you have some control and start crate-training.

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Thanks I was worried I was being a bit mean. We tried putting him in with Peanut, even his brother when they first came, but he freaked out so much more than Peanut did when we trained her. I'll be strong.

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