Is it ok for the trim and cabinetry to be slightly different?

lotsofkidsMarch 17, 2014

Instead of waaaay different? Kind of like trying to match blacks, when they are off (and they usually are) it looks wrong. Does the color of my trim have to be vastly different from the color of my cabinetry? Our trim includes the usual molding plus wainscoting plus a craftsman arch, so there is a lot of trim. And there will be a lot of cabinets. So can they be just a little different, or would it be better to do them all the same?

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If you're going to have different, be deliberate, like it's meant to be. I have two cabinet finishes in my kitchen, one a deep cherry/walnut stain, the other, ivory glazed. One grouping of cabs are the perimeter, the other interior. With that said, I wouldn't recommend two different, but close colors.

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If you are talking about trim and cabinets, I think that was a trend at one time. I have a small color disparity in mine. I have a taupe color and BM lost the formula for my original color and tried to match it. They could not, so I chose to go a few shades lighter for the cabinets than the trim as I could not pay for it to be done all over again and I wanted it to look deliberate, not a mistake. I love rooms with different tones, shades of white for trim, walls, furnishings and fabrics as if the inherited look is aged and patina'd.

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Thank you both for your thoughts. This is making me nuts. I don't know how to make this work. I'm trying to marry warm and cool. My trim is fairly neutral, but there is a lot of trim. My wall color is cool (RH Silver Sage), my floors are wood and kind of rustic and medium colored (Hallmark hardwood Historic Walnut). So what do I do with these cabinets? I'm so confused. I've looked around online to see what many people pair with silver sage, and most of them are white dove or swiss coffee. I'm picking up swatches of those paint colors tomorrow but I'm worried about how close they will be to my trim color.

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If I lived nearby I could help you but without seeing the full space, it is difficult.

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With all the wood you have, it seems you're going for a more rustic Years ago Victorian homes had all sorts of wood~wainscoting, ballustrades, floorboards, doors/trim~though mostly were quite dark, it all worked together beautifully, and many times they varied in shade.
It's a 'look' you will need to live with, possibly forever, and live *happily*.

I know silver sage to be a green/gray, so also muted in color. Maybe you should rethink the paint color, something warm, or even lighter.

Do you have any pictures so we can get a better handle on the space?

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I've made an executive decision after much agony. I'm going to do the cabinets and trim the same color. Thus endeth one saga and beginneth the next :)

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I think you're being wise. Looking at a possible mistake you've made day after day would be a heartbreaker.

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