Source for Bar Pull with Minimal Protrusion

oldbat2beMarch 10, 2014

Is there such a thing as a bar pull / elongated finger pull, with a 1/2 to 3/4 inch protrusion? I am thinking about mimicking the pulls in this image but with mimimal protrusion.

Any links or source suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Contemporary Kitchen

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Hi there,
I had a couple of places where I needed pulls with minimal protrusion, but ones still comfortable and easy to use. I am in a metroplex area, so it was fairly easy to find places where I could touch feel.
Topex has several pulls that fit my criteria, and their items really looked and felt great, and the finishes are beautiful (I think!). I ended up putting the "Topex 8-1086 Italian Designs Collection Long Ruler Pull" in a powder bath. I bought mine from, and everything was delivered quickly without any problems. Topex has lots of options for lengths of pulls, and also has some great, minimal-ish knobs. I needed the dark bronze finish, but the brushed nickel finish was particularly warm and beautiful!
In case you end up considering 1" protrusion, I used Emtek Trinity pulls in my master bath. I chose these pulls because the protrusion seems less that 1", even though it isn't, but the pull is really, really comfortable.
Good luck! Ott2

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Would you consider leather? This is a 7 1/2" pull with a 9/16" projection by Richelieu. You can get it anywhere. It has a complimentary tiny pull for the uppers as well.

Another option, almost 7" with a 1 3/8" projection. Both are available in black as well.

And by the way, Richelieu seems to have a lot of low profile options. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Leather

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Thank you Ott2! How long is the Topex 8-1086 pull? For some reason, I couldn't figure this out. Any chance you could post a picture of yours? I'd love to see it installed.

I like the Emtek Trinity as well (huge Emtek fan here), but think I'm looking for something less substantial.

EAM44 - I am willing to consider anything! Thanks for the suggestions. The leather might be an option if it were a very dark brown (then it would match the sofa legs in the next room).

Please keep me in mind if you think of any other pulls with

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The Topex 8-1086 pull is 8.25" long, with .5" width, and .5" protrusion. Topex has several other nice pulls that are low protrusion as well. If you want bling, they have some with Swarovski crystals. :) Their design website has the pulls grouped by collection, and then if you click on any item in a collection, you will get details on sizing and finishes. To get pricing, you can google (or similar) the item. I have a couple of pictures for you that will show you my pullsâ¦, and that I need to get the rest of the builder dust dusted...

Here is a link that might be useful: Topex pulls and knobs

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Andâ¦, a picture closer up. Sorry for the sideways pics. I'm on the way out the door and don't have time to figure out how to fix! Just tilt your head a little?

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Love that entire vanity, pulls included! What is the source on your faucet?

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JoJoDIYs, thanks! The faucet is a Jado widespread. I bought it several months ago, but I just looked online (because I couldn't remember) to see what model my Jado is. It looks like Jado might be owned by American Standard (DXV?) now, and the model is now Keefe. At least at the time I bought my faucet, I was able to order an ORB finish even though the website only showed chrome and brushed nickel.

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Ott2 - thank you so much for posting the pictures, very helpful to see them installed. Your pulls look perfect with your cabinet, I like the ORB. Thanks for the dimensions too!

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Sorry my response is late, but thanks for the info!! Once again, absolutely beautiful, Ott2!

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