Fleas! And no dog!

vp_78August 12, 2013

Hello pet owners! We fostered a neighbor's large chocolate lab for a few weeks after they moved to a non-dog friendly apartment. We found him a forever home, but we now have some little buddies to remind us of him... yep, fleas. We have hardwood and carpet, along with 2 small children.

Any tips on how a non-dog owner can rid herself of fleas, preferably without using a fogger?


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Glad to hear you found a forever home for your friend's dog. Sorry to hear about the fleas. The best non toxic way I have found to get rid of fleas takes a bit of work, but can be done successfully. You can get food grade ( very important that it is food grade) Diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it on carpets and furniture Lots of vacuuming ( and changing the bag/emptying the canister every time). Washing any bedding where dog slept. and vacuum, vacuum vacuum. I included a link below on how to best use the diatomaceous earth. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Diatomaceous Earth for fleas

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And forget about the foggers because they don't really emit a "fog" which penetrates every little place.

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Thanks! Now, off to find food grade diatomaceous earth! Is it safe for hardwood floors? We seem to find the most fleas on the hardwood floors...

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The fleas will lay eggs in the carpets and upholstered, where the babies live and grow. You need to get these before they turn into the biting reproductive adults.

Dust a bit of the diatomaceous earth along the baseboards of the hardwood floors and sweep it under the baseboards to get them where they live.

BEFORE you vacuum, vacuum up a bit of any pyrethrum-based insecticide. Then vacuum the carpets, and along baseboards, and in the crevices of furniture. After vacuuming, vacuum up a bit more insecticide, then seal and discard the bag. This stuns them and removes them from your house permanently.

A steam cleaner can also kill them in upholstery seams.

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Did a quick google search for it just for curiosities sake.

Mostly on-line ads, but Home Depot had some food grade for $11.

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can someone help me, please? I need to give my dog some Benadryl for allergies. I know I can give 1 mg per l of weight. the problem is, my dropper is calibrated in ml. an d I don't know how to convert mg. & ml. Would really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.

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This should help

Here is a link that might be useful: Mililiters

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