Itching due to extreme heat

HandyMacAugust 5, 2012

We have two dogs, ma GSD mix and a long haired whippet. Both are inside dogs, but started itching more earlier this summer.

I started feeding them one fish oil gel cap with their dry/canned mix---the itching was reduced drastically after just a week. Plus, the whippet is on a strict lamb and rice diet.

We bath them, but the GSD has a problem with hot spots after a bath---even with extensive combing. After two summer time baths---no hot spots. And the whippet's shedding is reduced.

Fish oil ROCKS.

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since my dogs are raw fed and get fish a couple of times/week, i have never had to supplement with capsules. glad to hear it's working for you! **happy dance**

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well I'm going to try this hm. We can give for-human consumption fish oil I hope (as in dose is ok)? I'm going to filch a few from DH's bottle tonight & give Forrest a capsule w/his dinner. He has improved since we bathed him Sat but is still a little itchy.

OT, I saw the nicest looking GSD the other day on a walk, he was like a show GSD. Just perfect.

ninapearl, do you give cooked fish or raw? DH joked about giving our cats a raw fish & I protested, thinking it could have parasites....

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Jomuir, I am a long time lurker on this pet forum but can't resist to comment today because I know you have shelties and I have 2 as well, one of them's name is Forrest! The other one's name is Geordi, we adopted him from a rescue group. My shelties are the love of my life (in addition to my DH and my kids, of course!)

Back on topic. My shelties shed like crazy in the summer and Geordi's scratching is worse this year due to the heat. I do give them fish oil (the human kind) but not consistently. Not sure if it is helping though but certainly won't hurt.


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welcome fellow sheltie mom!

We named him Forrest because he was found in the woods w/5-6 other shelties, most likely abandoned by an Amish breeder. They said he was the hardest & last one caught. He's such a baby, very sensitive to harshness. Total Daddy's boy too.

Ours are shedding a lot too, I'm def going to start him on fish oil, hope he gets some relief...

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Fish oil helps- also a really good deep conditioner. Of course, keep the air on! Also, I know you're not supposed to do this, but I put some ice in my dog's water, he seems to cool down quicker this way. Also, we have to keep him OFF the grass because when it is extremely hot, many dogs' paws become allergic to the grass.

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