White Kitchen - thoughts on our early choices?

janine09March 8, 2010

We are about to embark on building a new kitchen (new space, new everything).

We have decided on the white cabinets (or ivory) with an island in darker cherry for contrast. We are torn between a Shaker Cabinet and one with abit more inset detail. Glaze would not work on the shaker.

I love the look of oil bronzed hardware, but am told this is a "trend" that will pass and that nickel is less of a time stamp.

My biggest challenge so far is the granite selection. We are going with one granite for the whole space. I envision a white or gold granite with subtle streaks of brown, but haven't found "the" one yet. What have others chosen for their white kitchen?

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I'm in the middle of a remodel and don't have photos yet, but your ideas sound similar to mine. I went with white cabinets, Colonial Gold granite (fairly light, nice veining, primarily caramel, white, and gray coloring). I also looked at Colonial Dream, Bianco Romano, Brown Antique. I thought nickel hardware looked a little washed-out, so I went with oil rubbed bronze hardware. I like it--it provides a nice contrast to the light colors of the granite and cabinets. I figure it can be swapped out pretty easily, if it is indeed a trend. Our floors are a medium brown hardwood, and I'm looking for a darker wood table, maybe a walnut color or something. Mostly stainless appliances (white fridge). So far I'm happy with my choices. Still trying to decide on a paint color, maybe a warm gray or something.

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What about the shaker door with a beaded inset? i.e. a bead around the inset opening?

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I am in mid-install of a kitchen with creamy white perimeter cabinets and a medium cherry island. I love how the cabinets look. My granite is antiqued cambrian black. I am going with satin nickel hardware.


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This was one of my inspiration kitchens

Here is a link that might be useful: bianco romano kitchen

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What color are your floors?

Mine will be cherry. I went with oil rubbed bronze hardware to pick up the cherry color of my floors. My counter tops will be enhanced black granite so I'm trying to accent that also. My cabinets will be creamy/ivory.

Oil rubbed bronze has been around for awhile. I have an antique dry sink with the original cup pulls and latch hardware that are oil rubbed bronze.

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Our floors will be a natural oak. I was thinking lighter granite as I heard this goes better with lighter floor.

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We did our white kitchen this summer. I say get whatever hardware you like, because it is an easy change out.

We used "Emerald Pearl" for our counters. Good luck!

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It's funny... I have always love the ORB but thought like you, that it might be trendy and therefore "date" my kitchen so I stayed away from it. I just moved into a 1930's house with all original hardware everywhere and it is all ORB! So I decided to put the ORB in my new kitchen to coordinate with the rest of the house and I'm so excited because it is really what I love.

I think you should just use what you like and think looks best... you will probably always love it if you love it now. If you ever change your mind or decide to move in the future you can always change out the knobs to update the look if it does indeed become "dated".

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Here's a shot of the granite we're using in our off-white kitchen. It's called golden butterfly (or sometimes butterfly gold). We also were looking for something with gold and brown tones, though this may be darker than what you're considering...?

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Well, the photo was there...

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Hmmm, sorry for the photo issues; haven't had them before...

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I think a light granite with creamy white cabinets and
wood floors is fanastic. I posted a few ideas. If there
is something you want to see more of I can do a search
and post some pictures. Not sure which style you are
leaning towards but with the wood floors something
warm yet inviting I think.

Ps. these are not my , I went with Jet Mist black stone.
But I love helping others.

Kasmir Gold

Crown poiint cabs not sure about the granite it looks
like Giaollo Ornamental

This is from Sun Rock kitchens I do not know the granite.

Giallo Ornamental

Santa Cecilia

New Venetian Gold Granite

I know you said granite but look how lovley these
counters of Marble with light wood floors and creamy white
British Kitchens


River White

Ivory Coast

Desert Brown


Colonial Cream

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Hi! We're doing a similar kitchen: white Shaker style cabinets with an espresso finish island. We're using Black pearl granite on the cabinets but flipping it to use something "white" on the island. We found a remnant large enough for the island of a granite called White Spring. It's beautiful, filled with veins in black and brown. Sort of marble-y but not as "cold."

I like having the white cabinets, black counter on the wall and the opposite (dark cabinets, white counter) on the island. But I think the Black Pearl would look good on the island as well.

We selected the Black Pearl because it didn't have too much going on it, but wasn't solid black (which felt to me like it would just suck in all the light). We're using white subway tiles as our backsplash which will give enough movement to the room (plus the island has that beautiful granite which will pop).

Good luck with your kitchen!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks everyone!

Boxerpups & RCBNY: thanks so much for the great pictures--I will look closer once I'm home tonight (can't see them well at work). I do love marble--really it's my favorite, but not practical for us as it stains easily, we have children, the honed version is a bit out of budget etc.

Sherean: you kitchen sounds great--alot of people seem to do the black on the main area and then go lighter on the island (to contrast with the cabinetry). We've decided to do the same all around so looking for a warm gold-cream to work on both island and main area. Our island will be quite large (almost 8ft) so need to make sure the granite is one we love! I think your kitchen sounds great meanwhile, and similar--what are you using for hardware? Appliances? What made you decide on the Shaker and are you going white or more cream? Sorry for all the questions--it's great to find someone who is at a similar stage :).

altagirl: great point--it makes me feel better about going with ORB which really is what I prefer visually at least. It's just that my kitchen will look similar to what is everywhere right now, but hey, I loved white kitchens when everyone was doing all cherry, so have to stay true to what I love!

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Hi Janine -

It IS cool to have someone else doing a similar kitchen! Funny you should ask about hardware. I'm researching that right now! Since we're doing all drawer stacks (no base cabinets), the drawers are wide and I'm trying to figure out how wide the pulls should be. I had these Regency pulls and knobs in my last kitchen; they're sort of Arts and Crafts, but a bit modern, too. If you go to Hardwareresources.com and search for "regency," you should be able to see them.

We chose shaker because the house is sort of Craftsman-style, but we like modern lines. Shaker seemed to be a good marriage of both. We looked at cream and hated it; we looked at two different cabinet makers and their "antique white" looked too yellow to us. So we're going with white. Frankly, it doesn't scare me. I think with the Shaker style and hardware, it will have some movement and interest. But again, I like a bit more modern look (without going for flat face, skinny little knobs, IKEA-looking). :-) Since you're going with a gold-ivory granite, the cream might work better for you. Take granite samples with you when you choose the cabinets (or vice versa). Ditto when you choose the backsplash. I had selected a white subway tile but when I held it up against the white cabinets, it was actually TOO white so I had to find a softer white subway. How freakin' hard is it to pick white cabinets and white subway tile? Pretty hard as it turns out! ha!

We're all over the place with appliances. Stainless. We're going with the GE Profile induction range. We considered an induction cooktop and a wall oven or two but I felt like I couldn't give up the cabinet space. But I really, really, really wanted to try induction and this GE Profile has rave reviews, so fingers crossed . . . We're getting a Maytag french door fridge; I liked the idea of having the water in the door since that's the thing we get in and out of the fridge the most. KitchenAid dishwasher. If you want model numbers, just let me know.

Since you're looking for a warm gold-cream, you might want to look at African Ivory. We're using it in one of our bathrooms. It is definitely gold, but it could go pink in a large area. There is also New Venetian Gold which is, well, gold! You might also look at Persian Gold or Persian Brown, although I believe they're more expensive. (If you have the budget to spend more, then look at quartz. It's even heartier than granite and there are a lot of great colors out there.)

Here's our kitchen layout:

Breakfast nook inspiration (totally drool-worthy):

And just in case those pics don't paste, I'll put the link to my Flickr page with kitchen pics. Email me if you have any more questions. I've been doing the research for a while now! Final selections are due to our builder, like, yesterday!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Flickr Page with our Kitchen Design Pics

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Check out this website of all Hampton Style kitchens for ideas.. almost every kitchen is white www.smithriverkitchens.com and hamptondesigns.com

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Ah ha! I figured out how to post the pictures. Let me try this again. Here's our kitchen floor plan:

Here's our breakfast nook inspiration:

Here's a rendering of the back wall in the kitchen (missing the chimney hood but you get the idea) - going for spacious, windows, very few uppers:

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Gosh, thanks so much Sherean! I'm going to take a closer look at it all tonight when I have more time!

I don't like whitish cabinets that start to look yellow in certain lights, so actually the shade we have chosen so far is "marshmallow", one shade down from white, but whiter than ivory.

I'm starting to explore Madura Gold or Kashmir Gold for granite--but need to see them in person. I believe they are also "light" gold versions of each (I like a subtle look). We are also going with KA diswasher. Sharp drawer MW. Range TBD, but leaning towards DCS for today!

Thanks again, I'll be in touch!

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We started off exactly like you: we knew we were going to have creamy white c_abinets (BM White Dove) and envisioned a light granite - mostly due to DH's insistence (he was afraid of making the k_itchen too dark). I loved marble but wasn't willing to risk it with three kids. I looked at every possible light granite out there but DH would say "too grey" or "too yellow" or some criticism. I seriously considered Bianco Antico, Delicatus, Colonial Gold and White Spring granites. But then I fell in love with Black Galaxy. So finally I overruled the husband and said look, we're going with black granite and we both love it. We have pale linen/bone wall paint and chrome hardware w/stainless appliances.

So, I love the your early choices as that's the directly we started in too but I do have to disagree that ORB will be dated. I think it would look especially great with a light granite that has some browns or coppery bits in it and creamy or ivory cabs. I'm partial to plainer cabinet s versus glazed, but that's a personal preference; both are lovely.

Good luck!

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I love ORB hardware with white/cream cabinets! As a matter of fact one of my first favorite inspirations was annekendo's kitchen last year. The shaker cabinets have a beautiful inset, just a bit more than the standard shaker without being too much. I know the ORB hardware is RH Ephram. I looked at a million different pulls and kept coming back to this. I'm so glad I got them. So go with your gut, and what you'd like to see in your kitchen!

I think ORB may go better if your granite has golds/browns, too. Maybe when you go look for your granite, in addition to bringing a door sample, also bring some ORB and satin nickel hardware samples.

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ooh, Julie94062 - that little snippet of kitchen is beautiful....makes me ever so slightly regret the RH chrome hardware we picked! Is that soapstone? And your c_abinets are gorgeous.

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It IS beautiful, but it's not mine :-) Sorry, I forgot to specify that the pic was also from annekendo's kitchen

I did use the same hardware, but I have dark cherry cabs.

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I love the breakfast nook!!!

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Boxerpups...I am really curious -- where do you find all these inspiration photos? You are such a great resource - I love your posts. I am looking for a transitional kitchen . Probably white since it is waterfront-high bank? Any resources? Thank you so much for all you give to us....all the time!

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I agree with gayl - Boxerpups you find the BEST photos!!!! I wasjust thinking about clipping this thread b/c of the pics you posted on here.
I have New Venetian granite and want white cabinets. The pics are perfect!

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Thanks for the great responses, I'm getting more excited now!

We have now narrowed it down to 2 granites: Madura Gold, Kashmir Gold. Sometimes they run very gold, so we are exploring light versions of these or DH will just have to the quarry and pick a slab that is a good color. Anyone have experience with these specific granites?

And I have a question on ORB hardware--should it match the sink? Meaning a ORB faucet? I hadn't thought of this before..

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julie94062, I love the shaker cabinet with the inset you posted on Mar 9. Can you tell me the manaufacturer? It may be annekendo's kitchen....you are showing the ORB hardware.
Also, all these posts are great- I am just starting our complete remodel and want white/off white cabinets, maple island and granite or black soapstone countertops. Decisions, decisions!!! Thanks for all your help!

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I picked a light grey granite and also used it for my backsplash.

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My kitchen has been done for over a year, so I don't visit this site anymore & just came back because I am out of wax for my soapstone counters & wanted to check if there were any new recommendations. So I was surprised to see a pic of my cabinets! My cabinets are by Brookhaven and I love them (still). The door style is Edgemont recessed panel for the perimeter in Eggshell and Edgemont raised panel on the island in Cherry Cognac. I think the dark hardware looks good on both finishes.

Also, I still love my ORB Ephram hardware by RH and my faucets don't match my hardware & I think its ok! I went with brushed stainless faucets or something that looks like brushed stainless (which matches the stainless steel appliances & sinks).

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Love that you fit in a nook and pantry! Do you have any finished pics? Also, anything you'd do differently?

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