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luvdogsJuly 12, 2011

I need some tough-love ideas.

I have to restrain my Shar Pei to trim his nails. He will get aggressive and bite me.

I bought a basket muzzle but he will put his claws underneath it and pull it off AND/OR he will toss his head around so much that i don't feel safe working with him.

Going to the vet to have this done is NOT an option as he needs his nails trimmed monthly.

How can i restrain his head so i can work on him>

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My concern is how you are approaching your dog, which is probably why your dog is responding the way it is.
Coming at your dog with an agenda, especially with regard to front paws is a mistake.
Front paws are one of the most sensitive parts of your dogs body and most dogs loathe having their paws touched.
So, to do this properly you need to get into a calmer and less agressive frame of mind BEFORE approaching your dog.
Slow things down, dont try to wrestle or muscle your dog, Since you have had some negative experiences with this, you will need to start all over and go slow and be patient. First, sit with your dog and pet him and give him a massage then walk away. Show him the trimmer and let him sniff it leave it by him and walk away. Put a treat really close to one of his paws. See if he can stand it. Put a treat near the trimmer. Put the trimmer on the ground and put the treat near it. Work with him to stay positive and calm. If you find yourself getting impatient or upset, walk away. Try and end each session on a positive note. Dont try and do too much at once. touch one toenail, give him a treat if he does not react and walk away. Try another in an hour or so. Keep working at it slowly.
Put a small dab of peanut butter on his toenail. Take a couple of days to do all this.
People are notoriously impatient, we want to get things done and get them done now. Dogs are not usually so time restrictive.
Can you say waht kind of trimmer you are using on your dog...I may be able make suggestions about what you are using as well.

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Oh mazer, i figured you of all people would have some tough-love solution!! I always love your focus on exercise for dogs - so many dogs are confined and not allowed to be dogs.

I thought about using a catch pole but they're expensive.

I'm just using the guillotine clipper -

Yeh, i guess i could work on training him - that's a good point. But i need to trim his nails yesterday - they're very long already - he grows very fast.

He's blind also - so that's part of his problem.

I had a dog once that, when you put a muzzle on him, he settled down because he knew it was useless to fight.

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there has to be a way to control aggressive dogs. Animal control does it i assume.

I'll try the working dog forum - they can be harsh but i don't need a "pet" solution - i need something tough. I'm not going to spend time training him - not worth it.

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Good Lord.......he's blind?! No wonder he's going into such a panic. My guess is he's had previous painful experiences from having his nails clipped, and the fear of not knowing what's happening due to his blindness just adds to reaction you're seeing. I wouldn't call it aggression, I'd call it total fear & flight syndrome.

The kindest thing you can do is to clip his nails less frequently and when they have to be clipped take him to a vet and let them do it under light sedation.
I was originally going to suggest you use a groomer but after learning he's blind I feel they won't know how to handle him.

Doing something that is forced restraint on this dog is just going to make it even more difficult the next time.

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annz - you wrote words of wisdom. Just imagine being blind, having someone come at you, grab you, muzzle you, hold you tight and start clipping your nails on your most private and sensitive area....
There are a hundred ways to control aggressive dogs, just as there are a hundred ways to train a dog, but just because it is effective does not mean it is the best way for your dog.
Im wondering why you are so against going to a vet or groomers, they charge $10.

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For the tough love- just put the dog to sleep. If you loved him, you would put in the time and effort to train him. He bites, and frankly too many good dogs get put to sleep every day for one that bites to take up shelter space.

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Wow. I often do not agree with mazer, but in this case he is dead-on and I am baffled as to how you consider it "tough love". Really? Spending some time understanding your dog's fears and gently getting him over the fears is "tough love"? I think not.

I'm not going to spend time training him - not worth it.
That's one of the saddest statements I've seen on this forum.

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I agree about taking him to the vet or a groomer for clipping. If there is some reason you really can't go there monthly, maybe you could call the vet, explain your situation and see if he would give you a prescription for a several-month supply of mild sedatives so you could do the clipping at home while the dog relaxes.

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Going to the working dog section probably wont do much good since those dogs are working all day and usually dont need nail work done. Prairie love - it is okay to not agree with me...happens all the time :-)

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luvsdogs (please change your name)

there has to be a way to control aggressive dogs. He is NOT being aggressive, he's being DEFENSIVE.

i don't need a "pet" solution - i need something tough. I'm not going to spend time training him - not worth it.

Then give him to someone who will take the time.

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