Teen sentenced to one year

brutusesJuly 16, 2009

Good news on the teen who killed kitten in oven. She's been sentenced to 1 year in prison. Accomplice will be tried in another court due to age.

Here is a link that might be useful: story

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One year is hardly enough time...that's the making of a killer. She needs serious therapy/drugs.

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Sociopathic behavior, if you ask me, and this person is extremely dangerous. After prison, will she just go free or get the treatment trigemini suggests? I'll be interested to see how that goes.

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That's outrageous. She should have gotten 5-10. She's a monster. What a scary horrible person.

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She is dangerous in more ways than I can comprehend.

I'm afraid when she gets out of prison whe will do even more horrible things. She definitely needs some serious help. A monster, indeed.


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agreed. how can a person be so cruel & scary. she seriously need help.

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If the world is lucky, she'll get the same justice the kitten received. We can only hope. In any event she'll be serving most if not all of the rest of her life behind bars because she is definitely a sociopath.

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Thanks for letting us know. I was wondering what happened with that girl. But only a year? She is certainly a sociopath and very scary. I found it scary, too, that one article I read said that her brother claimed that she loved animals. HA! (I think it said she had a dog or something, but I forget.)

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I could not even read the article. She must be insane.

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This is where I can easily see myself hurting someone! I would think nothing of placing her myself in that same blistering oven and laughing as she clawed to get out. Not enough punishment. Maybe she'll get hers in jail!

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