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bizabetJuly 8, 2012

ARGH! Fleas! My strictly indoor cats have fleas. And not just one or two. There I am petting one, he gets down and I see a single flea on my clothing. I grabbed a flea comb, tested the other 3 and found DOZENS of the nasties. How on earth I could get that many fleas without ever seeing one on the cats is unbelievable. I combed and combed yesterday, and got about 6 dozen, combed again this a.m., and found maybe 2 doz, combed again tonite and just a couple, which means ( I hope that the flea treatment has kicked in). Got some of the IGR stuff to spray, but will have to do that in rotation so I can keep the furchildren off of stuff while it dries. Tomorrow I get to start washing all washables--not how I planned on spending part of my summer vacation!

So, fellow flea infested friends, what's your favorite de flea ing method? I guess I've been lucky--in 20 years of having indoor cats, I found one flea once before. We had a very mild winter here, and if I had had any sense, I should have been checking with the comb. But as I said, I just don't know how I managed to miss seeing these. I know I'm near sighted, but come on! Maybe I have a new variety of stealth fleas.

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They are probably in your yard and you or some other family member drug them in. Squirrels are usually covered with them. I would treat your cats with something like feline Frontline because as long as the outside situation remains untreated, the flea situation will remain the same.

Also, you need to be giving your csats heartworm tablets because if those fleas have bitten an infected dog or cat, the disease can spread to your inside cats.

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The vet recommended Revolution. That will take care of the heartworm possibility, which is good, since I didn't know that heartworm was transferred by fleas. Nor did I know that squirrels were flea havens--yet another reason to dispise them. There are a number of free roaming cats and dogs in the neighborhood, unfort'ly. I don't keep my cats on yearround flea treatment, but I think I'm going to run the Revolution at least thru October, depending on the weather.

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My vet recommends Revolution for cats. Kills fleas and it also prevents heartworm disease and controls hookworms, roundworms and ear mites.

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heart worm cannot be spread by fleas, though there are plenty of other blood borne parasites that can be. HEartworms are strictly a mosquito borne parasite.

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It's no coincidence that most "ALL" vets in the US recommend "Revolution" over Frontline & Advantage as Revolution is a drug (selamectin) and the other two are pesticides & you MUST buy Revolution with a prescription. Funny how all vets now recommend Revolution since WalMart & others now sell Frontline & Advantage. When Frontline & Advantage were ONLY available from vets just a few years ago, all the vets recommended them as they had a ve$ted interest in the sale. The same results as Revolution can be obtained by using FL or Advantage along with ivermectin--much cheaper & no RX required--less $ to the vet too.

Keep in mind that no topical flea med, FL, Advantage, or Revolution will be effective unless you also treat your home or yard in cases of severe infestations using something like Demon, Conquer, as well as an IGR such as Flea Fix.

Many people are quick to say that "such & such" spot/topical doesn't work for them when their yard or neighboring areas are infested with fleas--no topical on earth will be effective unless the home/yard is treated in severe infestations.

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We're using Frontline Plus but every summer I put boric acid around the house and it not only kills the fleas but it also kills all the spiders and bugs that like to come in when it's hot outside.

Boric acid is safe for animials, it's the same thing that Flea Busters uses and it works great.

Here is a link that might be useful: flea busters.

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My vet sent me info and a coupon for Revolution. The stuff was around $100 for three doses. Don't know what others have found but this stuff is out of my league!

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Texasredhead, we get a 3 months supply of Frontline Plus at Costco for 37.99. It does not protect against heartworm though so a supplement for that would be needed.

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