Excessive sneezing in cat

aniceeJuly 14, 2009

One of my cats sneezes excessively. The vet ruled out rhino, bad teeth, polyps or something stuck that might be obstructing. He had blood tests done and nothing is coming back wrong. It is getting frustrating and quite expensive and I'm still in the dark. Otherwise he is doing very well, eats well, drinks, grooms himself, active outside. She thinks it might just be allergies but wants to do a skull x-ray. I have several cats all rescued. This one is about 4 years old. I'm sure my vet bill will go very high. I already spent 345$ and he's still sneezing.

I was just wondering if anyone out there has an idea of what it could be.

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Clean your carpets lately? Anyone outside the home doing construction? Bring flowers into the home? Use a different air freshner? Instead of a skull x ray, which wont tell you much since if the cat had a sinus problem there would most likely be a discharge with odor or color, not just sneezing. Obviously the cat is allergic or sensitive to something, ask the vet about an allergy medication instead. Good luck

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I totally agree with mazer. Cats are very sensitive/allergic to fragrances (essential oils are toxic to cats), so you have to figure out if there is any change in the 'home' products you are using--air fresheners, even dish and laundry soap, especially if the sneezing is recent--you don't say.. Air conditioning on (probably not judging from where you live)? Anything special going on outside in your area? Any neigbors spraying/ using pesticides??
Good luck,

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One of my cats sneezes too but I sure wouldn't take her to the vet for it any more than I would go to the doctor because I sneeze! If the cat doesn't seem uncomfortable, why do you object to her clearing her nose? IMHO.

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It could be viral. I have a couple of cats with viral diseases that causes them to sneeze all the time. One has the calici virus and sneezes constantly. From time to time I have to bring him in to get antibiotic injections which help to build up his immunity a little bit, but it is not a cure. He's fine otherwise, eating and feeling well. If you can, I'd try to give him some Lysine which has proven to help with other viral infections. They sell it at the vet in a tube like hairball preparation. If that is easier for you to give.

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Sounds like allergies. Have you talked with your vet about trying an antihistamine?

Lysine is only effective against Herpes (Rhinotracheitis)virus.

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Thank you all for your comments.

I think Tally might be right and it's possible it could be allergies. I am to go back to the vet and will try some kind of antihistamine.

Lysine does work sometimes for Rhino. I had mixed results with it.

Thanks again!

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