moving faucet from one sink to another

baltomom_gwMarch 24, 2011

How difficult is this to do? I ask because I have a plumber coming to install a new faucet on my kitchen sink, and I just realized that I'd prefer to have the faucet on my prep sink on my kitchen sink, and have the plumber install the new faucet on my prep sink.

It costs $105 per hour for the plumber's time. Is it worth it to have him move these faucets around, ie how much time does it take to remove a faucet from one sink and move it to another sink? Also, will there be issues with removing a faucet on an existing sink, ie parts that will need to be replaced, etc? The faucet on the prep sink is working fine at the moment, and I don't want to create problems where there are none. This is an aesthetic choice.

FWIW, the faucets in question are Grohe Ladylux Cafe and Ladylux Pro. Are these finicky/difficult to install or remove?


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Since they are both kitchen faucets, as opposed to one being a bathroom faucet, there should be no great difficulty in moving them around as long as the old one is in good material condition. Parts requirements, if any, would be in the form of generic replacement supply lines.

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Thanks. The old one is only three years old, and rarely used, so I think all systems are go.

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