I'm just dreading Fireworks

toomuchglassJuly 1, 2011

My dog is so scared of fireworks . I feel so bad for her.

The BIG displays are bad enough but we have people shooting them off around the neighborhood ( which is illegal )I've called the police & I'll keep doing it.

The only thing I can do for my dog is just ignore the noise , keep calm & make nothing of it and hope she follows my lead. I live in the middle of a 4 city display for 3 nights. ugh. Poor animals. Are your pets scared ? What do you do to keep them calm ?

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Don't know if this will work if there are non-stop fireworks in your neighbourhood, but my doggie came to us with a special fear of thunderstorms. When she started acting funny during a storm, I put a leash on her (in the house) and began doing some focus/obedience exercises. Things like sit-stays, down-stays, walking up and downstairs with her following me, etc. The thing to avoid is the sort of sweet baby-talk that works to calm scared humans - it tends to reinforce a dog's current state of mind. Dogs respond better when their alphas show some leadership and set boundaries for their behavior.

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What cooksnews said about not talking baby talk is so true! Most people have a tendency to do that when their dog is scared and the tone we use to soothe sounds exactly like the one we use to praise. They believe we are praising them for being upset. None of my three dogs gets upset over storms or fireworks because I don't comfort them or react to the noise and they take their cue from me.

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I guess the only thing I can think because my dogs don't like the sudden blast of fireworks either is to just stay calm, act like "it's nothing" and that seems to help more than anything. If you notice, they probably look at you for some response from you. If you show them there's really nothing to be afraid of I think does more to calm them down than anything I've tried. Seems to work for me. They may come and sit right next to me but the shaking and awful fear seems to be eased. Hope this helps because I really hate to see an animal so terrified.

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try putting a snug fitting tee shirt on your dog well before the booming starts. the tighter, the better. you may have to tie a knot in the hem above the dog's back and of course, make sure the neck hole isn't too tight. this will serve to "hug" your dog and oftentimes, will result in a calmer dog.

also, if you can get your hands on some Rescue Remedy, that will also help many times.

the trick is to do these things BEFORE your dog becomes a nervous nelly.

my danes don't particularly LIKE thunderstorms and fireworks but i have made a game of it. with each crack of thunder, i sing a silly song, pop a cookie in their mouths and soon, they start waiting for the boom 'cause boom=cookie. :)

the tee shirt works on the same principle as an "anxiety wrap" or "thunder shirt". google those and you will see what i mean.

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I dread fireworks too. I adopted my Boxer in early August. He was a stray picked up in mid-July. The shelter had a big influx of dogs right around that time because of all the fireworks scaring pets out of their yards. This dog has not once tried to get out of my fence and the few times I have accidently let go of his leash (don't use the retractable kind with an active dog :) ) he hasn't even noticed he was loose so I know he isn't looking for ways to get loose. Now when its time for fireworks I don't let him out into the yard by himself during the day, and at night I just put him on a leash to take him out. Its a PTA but I don't want to take any chances. My one cat is terrified of fireworks and she will stalk around the house for the next few weeks acting like she's afraid of what might go bang next. Its pitifull and I hate it. So much for a celebration of freedom, its a miserable time in my world.

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