Precooked Ham

whistle_gwDecember 23, 2012

I just bought a Paula Deen spiral cut ham and directions say cook @ 325* for 10 minutes per pound. Is this what you do? I was thinking longer time at a lower temp.

Thanks for your help.


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A ham is already cooked so a lower temp will be fine for reheating. Make sure it is covered with foil so it does not dry out.

I did not realize Paula Dean had her own brand of ham. Good luck and have a wonderful holiday!

Teresa in Minnesota

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It's already cooked so just reheat up slowly to prevent drying out.

Teresa, Paula Deen does not have her own ham - it is Smithfield Ham with her name on it.

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I'd go with the instructions.A producer like Smithfield knows what works best based on tests and feedback.

It's precooked and only needs warming. A Spiral Ham can dry out in a flash because it has been pre-sliced. Ask me how I not overcook!!!

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Good to know. I love Smithfield Ham!

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Thanks everyone. It is a Smithfield ham with signature glaze by Paula Deen. It has her pic on the wrapper, so I just call it a PD ham. I don't use the glaze, because I'm one who doesn't like sweet ham! I used it last year and just couldn't remember whether I followed package directions or not. It was really good so I hope I don't dry it out this year!

Merry Christmas to all. Whistle

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I bought a spiral ham last week. Not because we were having a lot of company, but because we like them.

So I had no reason to heat the entire thing. I just cut off what I needed each time (a plateful to take to a party I was going to; a few slices here and there for our dinner), and heated those up in a foil-covered casserole.

Unless you want the pretty presentation of the whole thing, and you're having a big crowd, I see no reason at all to heat the whole ham over and over, drying out the leftovers. And it saves a lot of energy--I had a 9X9 casserole for the party, only took about a half hour to heat it adequately.

So that's another alternative--just heat what you need. You can still make a pretty presentation on a platter. I added some grilled pineapple slices and a scattering of dried cranberries that I'd plumped in orange juice.

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