cat dental problem

robhbJuly 14, 2011

My 10 year old female cat is ferile from almost day one. Very hard to handle. She is not a affectionate cat. I recently observed she never let me inspect her. She lost almost all her teeth. She has 3 or 4 teath left. I brought her to the vet and the doctor said she had a bad infection in her mouth. She is going to pull the rest. The vet did a blood test and all was normal. She said I should have the rest pulled. I'm leaving on vacation and won't be home for a week. I didn't want the vet to do it without me be home to observe her. The vet said she don't think the cat is in pain. I've noticed her mouth is open ofthn with her tongue sticking out. I have a lot of problems. The vet said dry cat food would be alright. I have noticed when she drinks water it dripples down her mouth after she done. I'm not sure if she's eating. I left her at the vet overnight and the vet said she was eating and drinking. Remember she's ferile and rarely comes out to I go to work or bed. I don't know what to do. Any advise. By the way the vet gave her a strong shot of antibiotic that last 2 weeks. Someone please give me advise. I'm leaving Sunday. I leave my 3 cats with lots of food and water. I have someone checking them 2 or 3 times during the week. Thanks

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Any chance you could drop her off at the vet for the dental surgery and they could keep her there for observation while you are gone?

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I would try to find someone that can come in a couple of times a day. Is that at all possible?

Aren't you going to have to convert her over to wet food when she has no teeth? That's going to be your biggest stumbling block if she's on an all dry diet. Will she eat canned food? Has she lost weight that you can notice?

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Strange as it seems, I've come across cats (at the shelter where I volunteer) who have few, if any teeth, and would only eat dry food.

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My old girl had just about all her teeth pulled a couple of years ago and she still loves to eat dry food, though I can't imagine feeding her only dry food. One vet told me that their palates harden up when they have no teeth and that is why some continue to eat so much dry food.

That said, however, I would not think she would want to eat dry food immediately after having the last of her teeth pulled. Can you get someone to check on her and maybe feed her wet food twice a day while you are gone? Otherwise, if at all possible, I would wait until you are going to be around to make sure she has everything she needs as she recovers.

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