Five year old Weil-Mclain Indirect Water Heater is leaking!

semiMarch 6, 2010

A steady drip of water is coming out of the "button" located toward the bottom of my 40 gal. boiler fired indirect water heater. The button is rusted.

Does this mean the end of my water heater? Why is that "button" there? No pipe attached to it, and it doesn't appear to have any function at all.

Five years on a regular electric tank, yes, I would expect it to start to die. But this fancy new model? I'm shocked and upset if the fix is to replace it.

Any thoughts?



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A picture would be helpful.

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The button could be a injection hole plug for the foaming process.

Besides a defect causing a short life, or the plumber filled the domestic tank before the heating shell (its a tank in tank which is suspended, many make the mistake of filling domestic tank first stressing the welds), or if your on a well check your chloride level, this depreciates SS tanks quickly.

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Here is a picture of my tank. I did have my furnace company over this morning to look again at it. I recently had them replace a faulty thermostat on the tank and showed them the leak, which they counselled me to watch.

They believe my tank is actually leaking from the top, thus the rusted out thermostat and the leaking down the sides of the heater.

They gave me two choices. I could replace an o-ring on the top of the tank and hope for a fix (paying only labor and the cost of the fix kit, they are hoping that is under warranty) or replace the tank entirely with a larger stainless tank (I am not entirely certain I understand what kind, but will not purchase until I do some homework).

I did tell them I was rather dismayed to be replacing this expensive tank earlier than I would be replacing a cheaper electric tank. They do want me to stick with the indirect tank, not to go electric, but I'm so unsettled that this first tank seems to be shot.

I do probably need a bigger tank since I am now a family of six, with four growing (but young) children.

I am also going to begin a house renovation, kitchen and three baths, next month. This just isn't money I was prepared to spend right now, but understand this is maintenance money.

Would you go with a temporary fix, or replace. Any other thoughts on how I could prevent this again?

I am not on a well.


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