Looking for Amish cabinetmakers near NJ

tamlifMarch 19, 2013

I have been reading that I would get the best price for custom cabinets from the Amish.
I have a quote from a kitchen designer who gets his cabinets made in Lancaster, PA by the Amish, but he is crazy expensive. I would like to try to contact them myself and see what kind of price they can give me directly.

I just don't know how to contact any Amish cabinetmakers.

Has anyone near Bergen County, NJ had any experience with Amish cabinetmakers? If so how do I get in touch with them?


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As I am sure you are aware most Amish are in Pennsylvania which is not terribly far from you. Run a simple google search of gardenweb (if you don't know how check Buehl's new to Kitchen's thread) for amish cabinetmakers and you will turn up a wealth of information on various makers that others here have used. Dutchwood, Oxford Cabinet Shop, etc.

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Dutch Wood in Myerstown, Pa are great folks and did our cabinets (we are in Warren County) we are very happy with their work. But they are trying to stay with 2 hours of their location you may be a little too far. However I spoke to them last week and they said if they do not have to install they will drop off the cabinets and you can hire your own installer.

Below is the contact information, good luck, if you have any questions, let us know.

Dutch Wood LLC

1317 Hilltop Rd, Myerstown
(717) 933-5133

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Nyyankeesfan - Thank you for the recommendation. I have spent a week reading all the threads about Dutch wood on this site. I have contacted them but I have some concerns about hiring someone else for the install.

Since I am doing a remodel on a 100 year old house I am assuming nothing is square. Aren't the installers going to have to do some on-site tweaking to make it fit perfectly? I guess I also don't really understand why they would drive all the way out to drop off the cabinets but they can't stay to install for an added price.

I really love their work and their price but I was hoping for someone a little closer to me so I wouldn't have these concerns.

Any other (closer) leads would be greatly appreciated.

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Call Oxford Cabinets. I'm not sure how far they travel. You can find discussions about them if you do google search and include gardenweb in the search.

Oxford Cabinet Shop
120 Quarry Road
Oxford, PA 19363
Jacob K. Fisher
Call Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 8-8:30 AM
(717) 529-0949

Here is a link that might be useful: And old thread about such things..

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The installation process can take a few days to complete. Therefore it ties up their staff driving back and forth to your home. If they manufacture the cabinets and drop them off their time is significantly less. They only install the cabinets not any of the other work such as removing walls, plumbing, electric, etc. Therefore if you're hiring a contractor they may be able to install the cabinets for you

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Thanks for the info! Greatly appreciated.

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