Can a sump pump be used to drain a laundry sink?

arley_gwMarch 19, 2011


I have a cellar which has a pit where a boiler used to be; at the bottom of that pit is a sump pump. It doesn't accumulate much water except in heavy rains. I replaced the pump about 2 years ago.

I'm thinking about putting in a laundry sink in the cellar. (There's a floor over the boiler pit.) Now the sink would see very little use, and the easiest way to drain it would be to run a length of drain pipe toward the sump pit, allowing the pump to take care of that drainage.

Or would it be better to have a separate pump for the sink? Is the only downside of using the sump pump to handle the sink's drainage is that it might shorten the life of the pump a bit?

If it's better to have a separate pump, anybody have any recommendations as to brands and models of pumps? This will be pumping wash water only, no sewage.

TIA for any comments and guidance.

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The sink needs a sealed crock and a sewage ejection pump. even if it is only serving a sink.

Sump pumps do not last long in this application unless the water is completely clean (no dirt, lint, trash, etc.)

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Thanks for the info.

I kinda figured that if it was an easy solution it wouldn't be right. Okay, looks like I have to start shopping.

Would the item at the link be satisfactory?

Here is a link that might be useful: saniflo pump

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