Ants IN plumbing, help?

nylisaMarch 26, 2009

we live in a 50 year old townhouse apartment, two floors. we have crazy ants in the kitchen, and in the bath above it, both with a shared exterior wall. The ants are coming out the faucet when turned on a dozen at a time in the upstairs bath.They also seem to be coming up the drain and the overflow in the tub. we have city water. There seems to be two different varieties. Some are coming from cracks in wood door and window frames, which we have caulked. They then came in the ceiling light fixture. We have a three year old who still rolls around so we have not done any interior spraying. We vacuum, wipe and caulk, and use homemade and store poison receptacles, which they love. How can we get them out of the plumbing?

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They're not actually in the plumbing. They're coming out of wherever they are hatching and are crawling into the plumbing looking for moisture. To eliminate them in the plumbing, you need to eliminate them from where they're really emerging. Often this is an annual problem for a couple of weeks around this time of year. How long has this problem been going on?

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Thanks, Its been 2 months. We are in Alexandria, VA. So its on and off warm from January, on. They must be emerging/nesting between the walls/floors. They are immune to the usual poisons. Last year we had good luck with Borax, but this year they just rub there hands and drool in anticipation. I think the regular spraying around us has made some super bugs.

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This is the plumbing forum, however, we give lot's of off-topic help too.

I believe that Kudzu is correct that they are looking for water.

If you are concerned about pesticides, I would use boric acid (often sold as roach powder). It is a fine powder that you use by blowing into cracks, behind cabinets, into wall cavities, etc. I have purchased it in a squeeze bottle or I've seen it applied with a squeeze air-puffer.

The powder is tracked back to the nest and kills all of the ants or roaches. It works through dehydration and therefore isn't prone to insects becoming immune.

There are various recipes for home-made ant bait on the web that include sugar and boric acid.

It is typically considered safe for humans. It's used to treat fungal infections such as athlete's foot, jock itch, and various other issues.

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