Apartment Kitchen Layout Advice

TheCatsMeowthMarch 13, 2013

I'm building an apartment over my garage and would like some advice on the general layout. There won't be any cabinets over the peninsula to keep it more open, but there will be an overhang for bar seating.

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Another incredibly dysfunctional example of an architect's idea of a kitchen. Coupled with the other one, you really should rethink using this person. They don't seem very qualified.

Again, here ia a much more functional version.

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live_wire is right. In the original, there wasn't enough space between the sink and the range. By spreading out the zones, you have plenty of landing space around both the range and the sink. Also, the DW in the original plan would be difficult to load - you can't get next to it, and when it's open, you'll bump into it from the sink. In live_wire's plan, the fridge also has more room to swing open.

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I agree live_wire's version is 200% better. It made it a multi person kitchen, vs a single person kitchen. Nobody could walk and get something out of the refridgerator when another cooks. Loading and unloading the dishwasher was also going to be hard.

Are you planning on using full-size appliances or apartment size?

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One other thing to point out is the handle of the dishwasher, you show it as being a protruding bar. We have ours in the same position as yours but had to change it to a flat panel because of the clearance needed by the corner cabinet door. Check it out to make sure the specs match up.

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live-wire's kitchen a much better! Although I'm not sure what the "stacked W&D" is beside the fridge. Washer and dryer in the kitchen? We have space somewhere else for them. My only changes would be to line the fridge up with that wall, but other than that, I think it's great. I'll be drawing up a new one tonight.

live-wire - Thank you very much for everything so far! These kitchen plans weren't done by the architect, they were done mostly by my bf since he's the one that loves to cook.

lyfia - I'd like to have as many full sized appliances as possible in the space, but I'm not settled on either at the moment.

suburbanrancher - I agree with the flat panel. When I chose that particular dishwasher in the program, it was just one that went easily into the plan (some of their other appliances glitch).

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I wouldn't devote a large space to the laundry elsewhere when 27" of width can take care of it all and the peninsula can double as your folding counter. Actual living space in a small space apartment is more important. But, if you choose to do a stacked laundry elsewhre, such as the office I remember you including, that could work as both office and laundry room for now, and then work as the upstairs laundry room later when the garage apartment is attached to the home. If you don't want laundry there now, put in a pull out pantry. Ikea cabients have lots of choices and are DIY friendly and still keep you low in your budget numbers.

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The bathroom was enlarged to make room for a washer and dryer. I found this to be my ideal arrangement in apartments I've rented. Later on, the apartment will be rented out (city approval :D)

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