Installing a stainless steel sink - questions

kashka_katMarch 9, 2010


I've been doing my own laminate countertops AND now getting to the point of installing the sink.

QUESTION- when I set it in the hole it appears that when the corners of the sink lie flat against the counter, the rim is bowed in the center so there's a 1/4" gap. Will this be pulled down when the screws are tightened - or is it defective? When I try to push it down with my hand it's not easy to get it down

What kind of caulk or would you use plumber putty on the underside of the rim? Would want something that doesn't stain the laminate.


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1/4" gap -- over 30 inches ? Over 20 inches?

If you mention which sink it is, someone might track down an image to see the angle of the fold at the rim.

Put a 10 or 20 pound weight on it and post again to say whether this is enough to flatten more than 1/8" (half of the gap).

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Is it a brand new sink?
I would use a clear silicon caulk.

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Its a Kindred qsl 2225 8 - here's a picture - pretty isnt it! Just hope it works - the gap is about 1/4 over 25" span. I can push it down with my hand all the way but it takes a lot of effort. I'll try the weights and report back.

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It is brand new.

The instructions say caulk not needed (there's this foam rubber gasket thing in under the rim) but I want to make it idiot proof. Do not want to have leaking issues EVER.

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