Death by chewing gum - canine owners take note

mazer415July 24, 2010

There is an ingredient in chewing gum that is deadly to dogs, it is called xylitol - if you found your dog has chewed any gum with this ingredient get it to the vets immediately. Some dogs are attracted to chewing gum because it smells sweet...

We had a case locally where a pomeranian had gotten ahold of some wrapped gum and was chewing on it. The owner did not think anything of it, but got on the internet to research the ingredients and ended up rushing his dog to the emergency vets - it was on our local news....

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To the best of my knowledge, xylitol is found in sugar-free products and not only gum, but many medications and some candies. Thanks for the heads up.

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True, xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in many products. It is deadly to dogs and cats. Probably not so good for people either, IMHO. No proof there though...

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LOL Meghane, my thoughts exactly. When my dentist recommended artificial sweeteners to me, he got an ear-full.

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I was thinking the same thing. The stuff is deadly to cats and dogs but its ok for us to eat it? Honestly I think sugar and fat get a bad rap. I think its better to enjoy the real thing in moderation rather than indulge often in processed/preserved substitutes. I read that sugarless pop has the same affect on your blood sugar as regular pop. The body responds the same and my family has a history of diabetes so I pay attention as I'm at risk.

Funny/gross story, an online friend loved Pringles chips so when the fat-free/low-fat version came out he ate a full can each day for four days. On the fourth day he felt gassy but realized it wasn't gas. Not to get into tasteless details but he ended up having an hour long shower/bath to get cleaned up.

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