Cat and kitten feeding dilemma

calilooJuly 23, 2012

New poster here - please be kind :-)

Two years ago we adopted an older female (8 - 10 yo estimate) from a three cat household. The previous owners had lost their home to foreclosure and I really only wanted one cat at the time, despite that the other two housemates were available. Fast forward 2 years, my kids fell in love with a 3 month old male kitten at another rescue, and I gave in to the sweet little boy face. Over the last two months of gradual introduction, they are getting along very well.

Here is my dilemma. She has always been fed (since she lived here) 1/2 can of Natural Balance each morning and evening, with free choice of Taste of the Wild Trout and Smoked Salmon dry food. He gets up to a full can morning and evening of the same flavor Natural Balance (I am careful to make sure they are offered the same flavor at each feeding) and free choice Blue Buffalo Kitten dry food. They are fed about 9 feet apart in the kitchen and a few minutes into each meal when they are about 50% finished with the wet food, they decide to trade eating spots. Neither is going for the remaining wet food, they want each others dry food! They will return to their own spots to finish wet food and then call it an experience.

Do I need to be worried about older cat eating BB dry kitten food or 5 month old kitten eating adult dry? There is no stress or fighting, I am just worried about nutritional content.



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What does the older cat choose to eat thru the day.......the kitten dry food or the adult?

I think the only thing you have to worry about is weight gain. If the older guy doesn't have a weight problem, I wouldn't worry. In a few months the kitten will be on the adult diet.

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She usually munches on her own adult food and he prefers his kitten kibble. She has always been chubby (since we adopted her) but is trimming down with a new playmate in the house.

Thanks for the quick response!


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Are you feeding BB Wilderness kitten? Since your adult seems to like the Blue Buffalo kitten, why not switch her to a similar formula BB adult? The only difference should be the fat content as kittens need additional fat for growth.

I have a 10 month old kitten who started on BB Wilderness Kitten but I switched him to BB Wilderness Chicken adult about a month ago. The formulations are pretty close, with the kitten having a bit more fat (2% more). I only switched him to adult formula because he's 12 pounds and 18 inches long from nose to base of tail. He's a large cat and is not fat at all but figured he didn't need that additional 2% fat.

I had a kitten who lived to be 18 years old who ate nothing but adult kibble from 5 weeks old until he was 16 years old. There's really nothing wrong with feeding a kitten adult kibble once they get their adult teeth in. Heck, I know kittens who munch on dog food!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Buffalo Cat Food

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