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ibjamminMarch 28, 2014

I recently had problems with my septic system in which my toilets would not flush. I didn't know if the problem was the septic tank filled up, the field line clogged with roots or something else or maybe a venting problem. I decided to start with getting the septic tank pumped out. The septic tank was filled up to the lid which was the problem even though I still think with it filled up that the field line must be clogged up not letting the tank empty out like it is suppose to. I woke up this morning right after we had a lot of rain and now the toilet will not flush again and the bathroom sink is back to making that gurgling noise like it did before. After the company had pumped the tank out this last time I laid a piece of heavy felt paper that has a shingle like surface on one side and then a piece of plastic over that over the lid and then a large temporary piece of heavy plastic over the top of the ground where the tank is sitting to make sure that rain water did not get into the tank. And now this happens. Does anyone know what might be causing my problem? I am at my wits end on this one. Thanks for any help I might can get.

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If water can not pass through the septic tank to the leach field and dissipate then you have a problem.

Either the tank is plugged at the outlet or the lines to the leach field are clogged or the leach field itself is saturated.

Leach fields have a finite life and when depleted they can't simply be dug up and replaced.

Recent code changes have mandated an outlet filter at the septic tank outlet. That filter can clog and stop the flow of water out of the septic tank. Whoever pumped the tank should have located that filter (if installed) and cleaned it as part of the pumping service.

You should contact a licensed septic contractor and have them inspect and diagnose your system.

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