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trailrunnerbikerJuly 1, 2009

I have never posted here as I don't have a pet but my daughter does. She had to leave her beloved cat in SLC last year with a friend. Now the friend is going to send the cat, "Meatball", yes he weighs 15# LOL and is a sweetheart. They have to use a transport service.

Have any of you used these attended transport carriers. I don't want to trust anyone without a positive report from a user of this type of transport. They say they bring the pet and there is no plane involved. She is in Atlanta now so it is a LONG way. Her friend said he found a company that would do it for 425.00 then he called and said he found another that would do it for 325.00. Any info you can give will really be appreciated. THANK YOU !! Caroline

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That seems like alot of may make more sense for your daughter to take a plane and pick her cat up, which can then travel back with her in the cabin. not sure where SLC is.

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Someone needs to find out about the conditions the transport service offers. If they stop if food and water is given if there is climate control or not etc....get things in writing.

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I just received an e-mail yesterday from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and they had an article about the new pet plane transport service for $149 so pets could travel inside the passenger compartment and not be shipped like freight. I'm sorry I didn't read the details, but if you google it I'm sure it will come up. I think it was through SW Airlines, but not sure. Good luck.

I would have to have a full background check on the person transporting my animal. If they are not "animal people" and are just "drivers", who knows what treatment the animal would get. I know, I'm over protective.

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Thank you...SLC is Salt Lake City. I looked at one of the sites and they want upper $300s for much shorter distances than this so I was thinking it was way too cheap. They say that they feed/water/give meds if needed etc.

Brutuses...hey...I know what you mean and if she could go she would. I will check for the article asap. If you can find it before that please send to me will you ?? Thank you . Caroline

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I've checked out the pets airline before. They don't go to SLC. They go from NY and a couple other places. Its strictly pets but the animals ride up in the cabin instead of in cargo. I can't remember the name of the airline either but I got it from best friends also.

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trailrunner, did you find it?

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Check out Delta Airlines and their Delta Dash Services. I've shipped birds often with them in the past and had no problems.

Find a direct flight so that there are no stops. You'll drop the pet off at a Delta Dash counter and it stays there until the plane is ready to leave. The pets are placed in a climate control part of the plane.

Delta may require a health certificate from a vet.
There may be restrictions this time of year. During really hot weather they usually won't ship any animals.........but call them and get more info. Don't hesitate to call them several times if you have trouble getting someone knowledgeable.
Cost should be under $200

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Dash

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Here's the story I was referring to. It's Pet Airways. See link. Unfortunately it's not available for all cities.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Back in 1997 I flew from Sacto to Atlanta with my newborn dd and my cat. She was in a tiny carrier that fit under the seat. She was so quiet noone knew she was there. A few years later I flew and a woman nearby had a cat. She kept taking it out. Guy in front of her flipped out. He was allergic to cats and feared getting ill. Lady was ordered to put cat away and luckily guy settled down and did not get sick. It was then that I realized I could have really made someone sick taking my kitty with me. It only cost 50 but knowing someone could have gotten really ill made me feel sad. I suggest looking into the services brutuses suggeste.

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I know that Southwest will NOT transport animals of any kind. Learned that from watching "Airline".

What have you found out? I agree with paying for a flight to get him yourself.

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I believe Southwest has recently changed their rules and does allow pets to fly.

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I will be transorting my own cats via car cross country in mid-october. Has anyone seen a website where I might offer my services to transport someone else's cat?

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