Can you spray OFF on dogs?

jane__nyJuly 26, 2014

I live in Florida. Mosquitos are so bad you can't step outside at night for more than a minute without getting multiple bites. Terrible. I spray myself, but my poor dog is getting eaten alive. Short hair, Pointer.


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Talk to your vet.


Do a search "Inspect repellant for dogs"
Seems various pet stores sell several brands specifically for dogs

Here is a link that might be useful: dog stuff

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My friend in Fla. uses Avon Skin so Soft on her yorkie, I would not use Off on a dog, as Jean stated contact your vet and see what he suggests. My girlfriend said she's never seen anything like the mosquitoes down there. Good Luck, let us know what you decide to use on your fur baby.

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I would not use off because they lick themselves. If you ever go to the rain forest take deet or you will be sorry. When skin so soft was popular tourist were taking it to the rainforests. They learned the hard way it doesn't work and it probably attracted mosquitoes if there is a fragrance in it.

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