Toilet only flushes with hot water and soap!

trlazarusMarch 31, 2013

Our toilet was clogged last week, but we finally fixed it. Or so I thought. It doesn't flush completely. The water will rise, swirl, and that's it. The water doesn't leave the bowl so there is no "gulp" at the end. I saw a video on YouTube where hot water and dish soap will unclog a toilet. I did that about 5 times, and each time it flushed completely. Without the hot water, it just swirls. Is it still clogged, or is there a serious problem?

Another thing to add, the little hole at the bottom of the bowl seems to have toilet paper in it. I can't seem to pull all of the paper out. Could that be causing the issue?

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Yes, that little hole proviudes a solid stream of water that gets the siphonong action going for the bowl to be emptied. That toilet paper was undoubtedly in the tank and then washed down during a flush cycle. It needs to be removed. Multiple tweezer-picks and a few rinsing flushes will be needed.

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You could have one of several problems:

1) The holes under the rim of the bowl could be clogged. If you pour a gallon of water into the toilet bowl (just plain cold water), does it flush?

2) Syphon or jet hole as described above

3) The toilet trap or drain line could be clogged. If you try to flush and the bowl fills and swirls, does it then slowly drain itself?

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