Matt Lauer, hmmm

glenda_alMarch 28, 2013

He's been on the news lately.

I used to like him, still kinda sorta.

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I haven't read any of the stories, but my radio guy talked about it a bit. Seems like one of the lamestream media latch on to a story and all the others jump on. I've never really watched the guy much. But I did see Anne Curry several times. She was a good news reader but an awful interviewer. I remember one of her interviews was with a mother than had lost a child violence and Anne says "You must be so excited to be here!" ah, I think not!

I don't know about anything else they are talking about hims for.... some say he is not a nice person?

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I've always preferred Good Morning America's team over Today's. GMA have certain rules such as never to ask someone that just had a lost (person) how are you doing or feeling? GMA team is more curteous and professional.

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I enjoy Matt Lauer....I NEVER watch GMA - too lightweight.

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I like him, but I would not be at all surprised to hear he is leaving. It seems that the "powers that be" at NBC work really hard to mess things up sometimes.

It appears that they are grooming the new morning team now. I never did like Ann Curry on the Today show. She is a fantastic reporter and her pieces on the Dateline type shows were good. She just didn't have the right mojo for morning TV,

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matt comes across as arrogant to me, never did it for me. morning shiws have toooo many commercials for my tolerance meter lol

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I'm with you Amy. The longer Matt is on the show the more arrogant he seems to me. I didn't mind Ann Curry. I can't stand the Guthrie chick.

I only watched off and on anyhow, but since they put Guthrie in, I haven't watched it at all.

I don't watch the morning shows anymore. Way too many commercials, and sooo many segments of cooking, cleaning, decorating,, and my biggest turn off.....Hollywood. Entirely too many "stars" put on pedestals and fawned over. Not for me. I stick with HGTV, DIY network, some shows on Discovery channel...

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I'd be *totally* ignorant of world news without NPR.

Too much 'Disney' on the TV 'news' programs -- even beyond Disney-owned ABC. However, DH wants the TV on over breakfast.

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I've always been an NBC news person, morning and evening.

Since retiring I don't get the early news, but Lauer has always had the "better than thou" attitude".

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No comment because I watch no daytime TV. I like Ann Curry on other news shows.

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I never watch those morning shows ever, so I have no feel for them. What I do not like abouut news shows, is how the women have to look young, wear tight clothing and be all peppy and the men can just be men, gain weight and go gray if they want. It is all so sexist to me.

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People used to accuse Bryant Gumble of being arrogant too. Matt Lauer said in an interview years ago (referring to Bryant, his best friend) that some people confuse intelligence with arrogance. I liked both of them, but haven't watched any of the morning shows in years.

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^^ Bryant Gumble WAS arrogant. And probably still is. :o) Lots of stories about him back in the day. Plus, he was instrumental in replacing Jane Pauley with Deborah Norville. And when that move resulted in huge ratings drops, quietly firing Norville while she was on maternity leave. I am not surprised he and Lauer are best friends, they seem to be cut from the same cloth.

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You sure about that, Petra? The last I heard (which was a long time ago, but well after he left the Today Show), Gumble and Pauley had stayed close friends. With Katie Couric, not so much.

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Susan, from what I remember, back then, Pauley and Gumble didn't get along. But I might be wrong! I do remember he was blamed for her departure. But that could be just because he was not well-liked.

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and i can't imagine anderson giving up his 3 positions, to be on the today show

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Anderson would be great for that show. He's always been a favorite of mine :o)

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I have always thought Matt Lauer was very good looking but he does a commercial that seems very creepy to me. He's hiding behind curtains, under blankets... he looks creepy. It's all good in the end as he is playing hide and seek with a little girl.

He needs to grow his hair out a little but maybe he's balding and a buzz cut looks better. I dunno...

One of the entertainment shows is saying that Savannah Guthrie appeared to be flipping Matt off after some comment he made. I should go look for a video and see if that's true or not.

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Neither Katie Couric nor Matt Lauer did anything for me, I think they were over-hyped but obviously their show was successful for a reason - not with me though. I did like Bryant Gumbel.

My New York Magazine arrived this week (this isn't the New Yorker) and Matt Lauer is the cover story. The article is quite lengthy goes into great detail about the Today show with there's a lot of behind the scenes information about the Ann Curry debacle.

Here is a link that might be useful: New York magazine article on Matt Lauer

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I can't imagine Cooper giving up his other responsibilities for such a vapid genre. It would be a huge step backwards in his very interesting career. It would only make him look silly like the GMA program does for Stephanopoulos.

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I prefer the radio in the morning and I don't watch tv at all in the daytime unless it is newsworthy. I never cared for Ann Curry as an interviewer...she made a big mistake one time at a college commencement....and it was reported in the news. .plus remember when she was on Dateline with Stone Phillips...she would stand about a foot away from him....I don't think they liked each other either. I always like Stone Phillips..I definitely don't like Al Roker...he loves himself..........all these interviewers are stuck on themselves IMHO...and make too much money....and very bias.....

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