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nibblinJuly 17, 2009


Long time lurker-just remembering that there may be a vet on board named Megan?

Does anyone have advice or directions to explore with dog itchiness....

A very recent history:

I went on vacation last week. Dog was not itchy. Came back and she is extremely itchy, and the dogsitter noted this. I see a scaly patch on her rear and hair loss that I need to have checked. I noticed this yesterday. Vet appt. next week.

The dogsitters' own dog is noted for extreme allergies and takes medication for allergies, environmental allergies, etc.

So-is there anything that anyone knows if there might be a connection between my dog suffering the same types of symptoms of this other allergy ridden dog? Something that might be environmental in their house vs. my own, or something communicable between the two dogs?

I know about mange, and fleas-and their dog has neither. He is well taken care of and they are told he's allergic to certain food ingredients, and things like grass and pollen.

Plus-my dog wouldn't have gotten such a large scaly patch within 5 days if it were mange, etc. (I don't think).

A correct answer or direction to search for answers could potentially help 2 dogs and save us countless $ and energy....

Thanks for your help.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I would look for a connection between the neighbor's life style and mine before I spent money on a Vet if my dog were to improve at home. Perhaps you don't really know what went on in your friend's home. There could have been stress, change of water, change of food or treats - almost anything. If the friend did not think it was important, she would not have told you.

I would give my dog loads of love and attention, treat the patches, and watch. I don't know what the Vet can do except to give a shot for comfort. You can probably tell if it is just itchy or if it needs antibiotics.

You don't think poison ivy is a problem, do you? Could your dog have sat in it?


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If your dog didn't pick up anything, try S-T-R-E-S-S.

You know, rashes are tricky ;)

Does it look like chunky dandruff?

I recall when I went away (2 weeks), and came back and my dog's almost entire body was covered with this scaly dandruff. I thought it was from being allergic to stitches (She had a minor growth taken off her back, just before I left)because that's where the 'dandruff' started...

The irony was that I saw a tiny area of 'dandruff' starting before I left. When I got back she was covered. The poor baby started stressing BEFORE I left. She was soooo smart. I purchased a new suitcase and placed it in the spare room. She knew what the suitcase meant and started stressing that I was going to leave her. When I got back she was a mess.

Anywhoo, the vet placed her on some awful shampoo with charcoal , I think. I really had to work it in. She didn't care for it. After 3 washes it was gone. I don't recall if she got a shot of a steroid, but maybe she did. Most dogs do.

Give her lots of love , attention, and extra kisses ;)

While waiting for your vet appointment,if you are really in hurry to relieve her itch,you can use Aveeno (BLUE TOP is the best. Aveeno has many products, so be careful which one you pick up. It's confusing) ) BATH AND SHOWER OIL. No matter what she has it won't hurt her. It relieves itches. People use it. I have a bottle at home for all kinds of doggie remedies.

Work the the Aveeno in for 5 min or so. Rinse 75% of it off. Leave a film of it on. That will keep her skin moist.
Let us know how you make out.

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I'm the first to admit that I know nothing about dogs but something you said about the base of the tail reminded me of a condition in both dogs and cats called "Stud Tail" - you can google it or "Supracaudal Gland Infection" for more info:

"Stud Tail is also called Tail Gland Hyperplasia, It gets the name "Stud" Tail because it's more commonly seen in un-neutered male dogs. There's a gland called a sebaceous gland at the top of the tail where it meets the body. The gland becomes over active and infected, causing it to produce an over abundance of oils, fur loss and darkening of the skin. It can be brought on by flea bite dermatitis and certain medical conditions such as hypothyroidism where a dogs thyroid isn't producing enough thyroid hormones. Your vets needs to do blood work CBC, blood chemistry and thyroid panel to rule out any underlying medical condition. Threatment for stud tail in general is, frequent bathing of the area with a perscribed shampoo such as Sebalyt which removes the oils, and a short term use of steroids which takes down the inflammation of the gland and antibiotics for infection. In some cases, neutering will help, or it may be necessary to have the gland removed.. "

Also, even though you may think fleas or mites aren't involved, both are possible suspects and the dogs should be checked. Mites can be confirmed by a skin scraping.

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yup, vet needed, havve to wait for the scraping. YOu may want to assist your dog a bit a pop a benadryl down its throat once a day with the vets okay until you can be seen. Good luck

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Sounds like a hot spot if it's by the hind end above the tail. If so, wash the area with a little cool water, dry, sprinkle a little Gold Bond powder and that should clear it right up. Mazer's suggestion is a good one as well. A benadryl should help.

If it's literally on the rear (by her vaginal area or anus) the vet would be your best bet for diagnosis. I would think she sat on something that irritated her if indeed it's in that region of her body. Some floor cleaners, fabreeze, perhaps some chemical in the grass? The possibilities are endless.

Good luck!

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Most common cause of itchiness in that area is fleas. If a dog is allergic to fleas, one bite can cause that much trouble. Once the dog starts scratching, it opens the skin up to bacterial invasion, which makes them itch, which causes them to scratch, which opens more skin up to bacterial infection, which itches.....

An allergic dog doesn't need to be infested with fleas to have a major problem caused by one. My first husky was extremely allergic to fleas (among other things) and he'd get a hot spot and ear infection every time he got bit (which only happened 4 times in his entire 11 years).

Gold bond powder and benadryl will help until you can see the vet.

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Making sure the diet has 'good' oils- omega 3s, salmon oil etc, wouldn't hurt, it's good for the skin/fur.

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meghane, I had no idea a flea bite can escalate into an ear infection. Nice to know!

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I think what Meghane meant was that the ALLERGY from the flea bite caused the ear infection (dogs can get ear infections whenever their immune system is down. Allergies throw the immune system off), not the flea infestation itself. LOL

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Thanks to you all.

She is much more comfortable now. She saw the vet yesterday, and YES-it was fleas. She is apparently very allergic to them, and it manifested quickly. She's had a shot to stop the itching and antibiotics to help with the 'spots'. I was really worried that one of the spots might have something to do with her anal gland...the location next to her tail was curious.

I'm not sure I understand how she had fleas when I bathe her regularly (or have her bathed professionally when it's too cold), and she is on Frontline. I did look for them and didn't see even one.

I did talk to the dogsitter and she had contact with a new adopted puppy-a neighbors dog. That's probably the smoking gun.

Thanks to everyone for your help! Now I hope that we don't have fleas in our house!

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