Low pressure supply line

chickweedatlMarch 5, 2011

The hot water pressure to the kitchen sink has gotten worse and worse and is now a little more than a trickle. I'm assuming we have calcification, or something restricting flow in the line. I've pulled off the supply lines at the sink and confirmed that this is not a faucet problem.

Is there anything I can do to clean a line? Can a plumber clean out the line? Or, is this going to require replacing the line?

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Do you have the same problem with other hot water faucets in the house?

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If you have an older house, you likely have galvanized pipes that are uniformly corroded, and the only solution is to replace them. If they are copper or plastic, you may have a more specific blockage somewhere. You could also have a problem relating to the hot water heater outlet fitting (if all the sinks are affected).

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