who knew oinkers were so entertaining?

NinapearlJuly 2, 2012

i decided to use their big pool for a mud wallow since the little one was really too small for lilly. she loves the new one!

she even shared her space with arnold!

and porkahontas took a turn. she actually laid down and took a cat...errr, pig nap. :D

i also emptied their vinyl pool to clean it out. while i was refilling it, lilly tried to climb INTO the tub i keep with fresh water for drinking. silly lilly!

arnold went snorkeling and then he had a bowl of fruit juice and then he came over to where i was sitting for his evening cookies.


and of course, being the typical toddler piggy, he decided to partake in the CLEAN water that didn't stay clean for long because he was a muddy mess! LOL

i am SO easily entertained!! LOL

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Is it true pigs can't swim? They love water so much, you'd think it would be a treat; but I guess their anatomy makes it difficult to keep their heads above water?? I think I read that somewhere, but not sure if it's true.

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How sweet. They are so fun. I used to have 3 back in the day. They all lived to be very old. It hurts me so much to drive by on the highway and see the 18-wheelers carrying them all in tiny cages to the slaughterhouse :/

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They are adorable. And messy. I love how the pool has built-in stairs - perhaps they could get a little exercise in during the cool times of the day!

Arnold is just TOO much!

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Always love your posts! Hope you are well! Pups & goats too!

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My namesake knows how to beat the heat. They sure would keep ME entertained just watching their antics. Very cute.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I love your posts too, Nina. So what kind of cookies are the bunch getting? Real cookies?

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well, hmmm, i didn't know pigs couldn't swim but it certainly stands to reason, considering how they are built. i wonder if they float??

the built-in stairs are a little too steep for piggy navigation but if there was a pig in the world who would try, it would be arnold! LOL

thanks, lisa! actually, i ended up having to re-home the goats. they were just too work-intensive after my back surgery. they now live on a 30 acre pasture where they are up to their knees in grass with a whole bunch of children to spoil them. :) the dogs are well, wish i could say the same for my bluebirds. had 4 eggs hatch but the babies have been dying off one by one. i think, because the nest box is out in the open, they are simply baking in the sun. :(

the pigs gets the same cookies the dogs get, they are little 1" puppy cookies. they occasionally get frosted mini wheats or seedless grapes for treats, too.

the mud on arnold's behind was so thick, his tail got stuck in mid-wag! :o

and, introducing the very unusual, very rare, very sought-after two-toned oinker!

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your pics are so cute! Two-toned oinkers, never thought I'd see one, lol. They have a lot of personality, don't they?

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Well - mud baths are supposed to be very good for your skin. Many people pay hundreds of dollars for this spa feature....

Wouldn't it be delightful to just hang out in a mud bath for the day????

Nina.....want some visitors??
Of course, your kids would have to be willing to share :)

Your pics always make me smile.

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oh yes, they ooze personality! porkahontas is very laid back, enjoys the occasional belly rub but doesn't particularly care for a lot of hands-on attention unless she hears my fanny pack unzip. that's a sure sign of treats and she will suddenly want ALL of my attention.

lilly is sweet and sometimes very bold. she waddles up to the bench where i sit to spend time with them and she will poke my leg with her snout wanting a cookie.

arnold is ALL BOY!! LOL! he is my most vocal piggy, always grunting and horking and making NO bones about who he thinks mommy's favorite is. arnold thrives on attention, doesn't know a stranger, isn't the least bit picky about whose ankles he roots on. he is the most joyful animal, he will play tag with me, sit, spin (in slow motion) for treats and when arnold wants a belly rub, there is no mistaking it. he runs over to me, bumps my leg and flops over at my feet. he is hilarious!

kitasmommie, i'm always up for visitors! just be forewarned...there is an overabundance of dust in my house... ;)

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Someone on the Farm Life forum had a problem with her pig falling forward or some such disorder. She was asking for advice. I thought about you and yours and maybe if you had any experience with that.

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Link to post on Farm Life.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pig loses balance

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i don't, schoolhouse, but i will post this question on my piggy forum and see if i can get any info from the other pbp owners.

nina :)

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