Do any licensed plumbers hang out here?

marti8aMarch 10, 2011

Or do I need to find a different forum?

I need a professional opinion. Dh thinks I read too many home and garden magazines, and maybe I do. But I see remodels where kitchen are moved, and dh and thinks it's impossible.

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Not impossible. Just more involved and expensive since you have to open up walls and floors, as necessary, to move the drains and get them properly pitched, etc.

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The drain is the problem. Would it have to be moved or can it just be capped and another drain added - since it's on an outside wall?

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We're on a slab. The area I want the kitchen to be is not yet built, but the slab (patio) is there.

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Question #1--Do any licensed plumbers hang out here?
Answer- No longer licensed because I retired two years ago

Queston #2- Can a kitchen be moved?
Answer- It is generally not difficult to move a kitchen. May require adding another vent but if your under the IRC you could get by with an AAV.

My concern would be how big is the proposed kitchen and is it open to an adjacent room? If the room is not open to an adjacent room you may need to duct in make up air for combution if you have gas appliances.

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Good enough for me lazypup. What is an AAV? Approved Air Vent? The proposed kitchen would be 10x14 and form the short part of the L, which opens to the dining and living spaces.

We have all electric appliances.

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"What is an AAV?"

Air Admittance Valve.

They allow air to enter but not exit.

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type the word AAV with the word plumbing into any search engine and you get more answers, that say a bit more. In case you want to know more.

"Define: AAV plumbing"

They allow air to enter but not exit.


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How far from the existing kitchen sink are you going?

Is there any other plumbing in the area where the new sink will be installed? (bathroom?)

There is almost always a way to make it work, the question is what are you willing to sacrifice - money, time, floor space .. etc.

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This is a plan of the house, prior to a couple of changes that didn't involve plumbing.

The blue lines show the water meter and the water lines coming into the house, and the two faucets on the outside of the house. There is another faucet further out into the yard a little further than it shows with the line that ends a little beyond the red box.

The red box is where I would like the kitchen to be. It currently has a slab poured and was planned for dining space, but it seems wasted to have a great backyad and no views to it.

The green x's are a wall I would take out. There is a gas line in that wall that was capped when we switched to electric, and would have to be recapped further up in the attic.

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