Linen Closet - Update and a Question

oldbat2beMarch 6, 2014

Here are some current pictures ... and a question for the experts. I've been spending way too much time worrying about hardware, and it struck me last night that I prefer the look without hardware. I'm researching swapping out the current Blum Hinges and glides (which have soft close) with ones which don't, so we can implement Blum's Tip-On feature, allowing the touch release on the doors and drawers.

What say you to the 'no hardware' look?

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What a great linen closet! How deep is it?

I see both sides. Part of me thinks it looks a little naked without hardware - but if I try to picture appropriate hardware, all I see is something as small as possible.

Because of the walkway to the bath, I can see why you like no hardware.

Make the change - and if you decide later you don't like the look, you can add hardware just for looks.

I can tell from the lighting in the photo - are the doors the same color as the walls?

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Yes to no hardware - I like the clean look.

That is unless there are children (or spouses?) with grubby hands who might be using them . . .

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I personally like the clean look but think this GORGEOUS linen closet could use some pulls. I agree that they should be very small. Have you considered tiny drop pulls? They look like drop earrings and wouldn't stick out as much and be unobtrusive.

Drop pulls on mirrored doors of a laundry room:

P.S. What am I seeing in that bathroom? Are those twist and turn cabinets? :)

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I think you need pulls. I'm sorry, I just foresee dirty, worn spots on wherever it is that you'd need to push it open.

(Plus, I think it'll look better.... just a touch of "jewelry" for that gorgeous linen closet ;-) )

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I think either way would be fine, though I lean slightly towards having hardware.

In case you do decide to add hardware, I recall that a while back you were looking for the source of a pull you had seen and liked. I can't find that particular thread now, but I did find the pull. It's the Fanfare satin nickel bail cabinet pull. I'm sure other suggested pulls would work, too.

You have great taste; I love the design of your linen closet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fanfare cabinet pull

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Unless you have spring latches that will propel the doors open when they are pushed inward it will be difficult to use that linen closet without hardware.

Drawers without hardware are a complete non starter for me.

If you want to minimize the hardware look you can get Lee Valley wood pulls/knobs and paint them the same as the drawers and cabinet. That will give functionality without looking like a hardware store display.

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My first thought was that it'll always look like you haven't made a hardware decision.

That said, I think the spring latches are an excellent idea. I'd be interested to hear what you think of them, because I'm looking at them for toe kick drawers.

I think rococogurl has a good idea. Pick something you like, but paint them. Paint comes off hardware in hot water and vinegar if you change your mind.

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I personally would prefer to see hardware - I just think it looks more finished. But. I also think that's a personal decision!

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Knobs painted the same color as the cabinet or the lighter color of the panels. As it is, it looks elegantly forbidding. Rococo is right about the propelling. And if you have to tell a guest to get something from the cupboard, you'll also have to explain how to open it (personal experience from my own home).

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Yikes, just realized that I hadn't posted in the Home Decorating forum. Sorry for the OT but please continue to post any suggestions!

Pentimento - thank you so much! If I can find any straight on shots, I can try to photoshop. Now that the cabinet is up and in place, I'm realizing how big it is and definitely want a minimal footprint for hardware.

annkh - Thanks! Lower drawers are 15" deep, and upper cabinet depth a little under 18" deep. Walls are the same Vancouver Day (which is a grey blue) as most of the rest of the downstairs.

Firsthouse_mp - thanks for the kind words and the link to the fabulous website. I especially liked it because pictures are taken from straight on and I can easily photoshop. The cabinets are in the studs and have the touch release as well).

Thanks lawjedi, rococogurl, cefreeman, sjhockeyfan. I'm listening...

Rococogurl - That's exactly what we would put in place. Blum makes them - we just need to swap out the hinges/glides. Interesting idea about painting the Lee Valley pulls (hadn't thought of that yet).

So all but leela4 prefer hardware. I'm glad to do that, as long as I find something which doesn't take away from what I have. First, do no harm....

I've considered bail pulls for the lower drawers (but then what for the knob?). DH can recess them if necessary. I do really like the idea of drop pulls.

I will happily photoshop any suggestions. If you can possibly find shots taken from straight on (and include dimensions or a link to them), I can take it from there.

Off to make dinner and drive DD off to LAX practice. Thanks in advance!

I don't like the prominent pulls in the first shot or the large, single bail pull in the second.

These are a little better. Do suggest alternate locations for the pulls/handles!

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I think it would look better with hardware.

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Back with more hardware options. These are from

Options 5 and 6:

Options 7 and 8:

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And two more:

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Have you looked at Sun Valley Bronze for hardware? Beautiful, clean lines with some small footprints - we used them for our cabs and ended up being perfect understated and minalistic

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I don't know what style the surrounding areas are... but have you thought about glass knobs?

If not, I do like both the first pull (octagon, PU-1811) and the tassels(PU-188). I like them on the doors... but would want something different/coordinating for the drawers.

(& if it's not too high to use, I like the placement of the knobs like option 5 - center of door)

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robo (z6a)

My vote is #2 - pu1080 or #4. They're both beautiful and literally look like jewelry.

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The only problem with the drop hardware is that it "drops". People tend to let it go and it bangs on the surface behind it (I have a hutch with that type hardware). It wears the paint first and then the wood.

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ob2b, how are you? Things must be great if you're working on the linen cabinets! I agree that you need hardware. If you like the no-hardware look, you could always choose clear glass knobs and pulls, but of course, I'm going to show you the totally unusual knobs that would definitely stand out. Why? Because if you're going to choose hardware for a linen closet, it should make you smile every time you reach for it! Enjoy :)

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With the style of the cabinet I'd keep it simple.

I don't care for drop pulls or singles in the center of drawers. Linen drawers tend to get heavy and those are hard to use in that case.

My suggestion is a pair of pulls on the drawers and knobs in the center area of the door where you have drop pulls. The curved pulls are the best choice you posted though I would choose something sleeker that better enhances the geometry of the closet and doesn't suggest a specific period since the millwork doesn't require it.

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EAM, those are delightful! As I scrolled down, I'd think one was my favorite - until I scrolled to one I liked even more!

Thanks for sharing those. Where did you find them?

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EAM,. every single one of those knobs made me smile. how beautiful! I recognize some of them, but others are new to me. Given I have at last count 126 knobs or pulls to find, I'm always on the look-out. Luckily I enjoy unusual things and don't feel all my stuff has to match. It just has to be symmetrical.

OMG. I've never sat sill and counted it all before.

OB2B, I look forward to your choice!

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Ooh ooh the owl! Next year when owls are out you can replace with the MOP-looking one below it,

I disagree about two pulls/handles on the drawers. When putting something away you are usually holding it in one hand, so if you pull one handle it'll be a little off kilter, putting strain on the glides. A pull in the center, which allows your hand to pull straight, might work better. With drops, though, you might need to use two since it's a little harder to get a grip. But you'll have to out down the towels to open the drawer.

Ssince we put knobs/pulls in the bottom corner of our up kitchen doors, I think they'll work just fine here, so pick your preference.

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Aankh and CEF, glad you liked them! They're from Anthropologie. I've been looking for new pulls for my powder room vanity, and I decided to eschew the ordinary.

BP, I went to Bryn Mawr College, our mascot was the owl, and I really wanted those knobs, but alas, they may be a little too cute for the powder room. I'll have to see. I am currently mesmerized by the Mercury Glass...

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EA- those are so cute.
OB2B - what is the width of the cabinet. I am in the one pull concept as well as long as under 32 inches.
I love the knobs but if space is tight, might catch on robes,so leaning towards pulls.

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bpathome said exactly what I was thinking about two pulls/knobs:

"But you'll have to put down the towels to open the drawer."

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My apologies for not responding earlier. I did read and have been thinking about your suggestions; have not had time to photoshop fully and respond. Will reply early next week. Thank you for the links and suggestions!

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oldbat, I love your linen closet. I remember when you were drawing it up. It turned out beautiful! Is that glass in the doors? Soooo cool.
As for hardware, I think you need something, but I think someone suggested a little knob, & I agree. I like the drop pulls you have, but would also consider a small knob, maybe oblongish vs. round. That being said, not sure if that's what you'd want on drawers? You have some great ideas from some very talented people! Good luck! I look forward to seeing what you end up with.

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my vote - option 5

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Katy-lou - thank you for the link. I like their finishes and am looking into their edge mount pulls:

I'd welcome input from anyone who has used an edge pull.

Lawjedi - I've thought about glass pulls but haven't found any pulls (vs. knobs) which I like. Thank you for the links. The rails and stiles are 2" wide.

Thanks robotropolis and canuckplayer. Some drop pulls don't hit the wood; still, good point.

EAM44 - I was thrilled to see the Anthropologie pictures and did spend some time photoshopping. Love them and especially love the mercury glass. However, nothing I liked. (Hence the silence). You know me - I like the unusual but for this cabinet, I just love the simplicity and just haven't found anything yet which adds vs. detracts.

rococogurl - thanks for hanging in there and the specific advise as to knob placement. I spent some time on Houzz and found these three pictures of shaker cabinets, with pulls, which spoke to me. However, my quandry is that a 1" protrusion is in line with the door trim on the right - I don't want a handle which sticks out farther than this. You said it very nicely - I want something that enhances the geometry of the cabinet. What do you think of the edge mount pulls posted above?

Love how these pulls are positioned. I would do all horizontal.

Contemporary Kitchen

Smaller pulls, but again very clean:

Traditional Kitchen by Brooklyn Architects & Designers CWB Architects

Last - very small square pulls.

Contemporary Kitchen by St. Thomas Kitchen & Bath Designers Braam's Custom Cabinets

cEFREEMAN - 126 pulls to find? That's a lot of cabinets there girl!

OK full disclosure here. I'm calling it a linen closet but it's more a multi purpose cabinet. I have no idea what I'll store in the top part but my purpose in building this, was to create drawers for the afghans and light comforters we keep out in the family room. So, drawers will be fairly light.

Thanks bpathome, may_flowers - I did follow what you're saying. Good points.

a2 - width is 36". I'm not worried about anything catching on pulls or even handles with 2" protrusion (cabinet is out of the normal walk path). I'll think about one long pull but like the two pull look (as in above pictures).

Thanks bicyclegirl - glass is from Bendheim and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I've even thought about seeing if I could get custom glass knobs made using the same glass.

Thanks mdln 5.

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Love the edge pulls!

I may even use them! Had not thought of that option.

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The Raw White bronze finish is looking pretty good to me. (Thanks again Katy-Lou!).

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