water heater tank AND nipple heat traps together?

ShedrachMarch 28, 2014

Howdy. I just installed a new electric water heater. The heater tank itself has built in rubber "heat traps" where both the cold and hot water nipples screw in. They look like slotted rubber flaps. The 3/4" nipples I bought ALSO have "rubber flap" heat traps built into them (they were the only nipples that my hardware store carried). Is this overkill? The reason I ask is that now my hot water pressure feels a little lower than before (the new tank is 40 gallons vs the old tank at 30 gallons). I didn't know if the "double dose" of heat traps might cause a reduction in water flow. I also wasn't sure whether the end of the nipples (with the heat trap flaps) should face downward or upward (the instructions said it didn't matter). Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers!

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