well pump- pressure switch question

kendooMarch 24, 2014

I just replaced my pressure switch with a new square D 40-60 switch. When I turned on the power the switch did not cutoff at 60psi. It went over 100psi. The last switch was acting flakey with high pressures that I could not lower with the adjustments on the switch. I have no idea why I am having this issue. I verified the high pressure with a hand guage on the pressure tank. Why would 2 switches not cutoff at the high limit?? Thanks

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Have you checked to make sure the pressure line is not kinked or clogged? It might be clogged at the tank connection.

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I'm going to take it all apart and check again. The cut in pressure is suppose to be 40psi. I had my tank set at 38psi, yet the pressure still goes to zero for a few seconds before the switch turns the well pump on. I even lowered the tank down to 30 psi hoping the pump would kick on before all loss of pressure....no luck. This baffles me.

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All fixed- Thanks Randy. The pressure switch is thread on a little 2" copper pipe that was completely clogged. Wasted $20 on a new switch, but the education is priceless!!

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I have seen that before myself... sorry about the switch, but you know that part is new now.

Thanks for posting back and saying how it was resolved.

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