Advice needed - backsplash corner

dgormishMarch 2, 2014

This is my current tired kitchen. We are remodeling in about a month but I need to order backsplash tiles soon. The new look will be white cabs, blue pearl granite countertops and the backsplash will be a design along the bottom 8 inches with field tile in a diamond pattern above the design. New hood will be stainless steel under cabinet. Walls will be painted - color unknown.

So, the question: do I tile the whole corner like previous owner did here or leave the wall side plain? It is near the stove but rarely gets any grease or dirt at all. It has always felt a little odd to me but I don't know if I'll think it is odd not the have the tile go around the corner too. I actually have the same issue in another spot of the house but instead of a wall there, it is a door. Any thoughts?

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I would stop the tile at the corner. Just make sure you use washable paint so if there is splatter it can be easily cleaned.

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I had the same question awhile back and the consensus is to stop the tile at the corner as teacher noted. Corners are not good for lots of things but they can be good for transitions.

I do like that blue tile, though. Really pretty color.

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Another vote to stop at the corner. Happy remodeling!

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Yep, I definitely agree, stop tile at the corner.

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Interesting! I'll cast the dissenting vote ... I'd go around the corner like the picture shows, no question. The only reason I wouldn't is if my tile did not come with trim. To me, the sides are considered backsplash area, especially if they can be "splashed." My tile and paint are very close in color, though, and I'm not sure I'd like it as much of there were a big contrast. I'd still tile it there, just wouldn't like it as much. :-)

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Can you post a pic of the other issue with the doorway?

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I'm with Jellytoast on this one too.

I think the backsplash should wrap the corner to protect the wall. I don't see a reason to stop it in the corner, before the counter & cabinet end. But like most things, it's a matter of personal opinion.

PS - i love the vintage blue tile!

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I vote don't wrap the tile.

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