Hansgrohe T302 showe system came and body sprays are plastic!

threeapplesMarch 7, 2012

is this standard for this price point? We really splurged to get this shower system and nowhere online does it suggest the parts are plastic. In fact, they say metal. Will this "chrome" paint on plastic peel off eventually and cause us to need to replace the body sprays? This is really disappointing. Who makes a shower system without plastic parts like this?

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We purchased a rather pricey Grohe faucet for the kitchen about 7 years ago, and were also surprised by the plastic coating on the head of the pullout. And yes, it does peel. We've replaced it twice in 7 years, but each time Grohe has sent it to us free of charge without any argument at all. I've been told that it's plastic in the shower systems to prevent the head from getting too hot. Maybe Hansgrohe will handle this the same way, as they do have a lifetime warranty, and were once associated with Grohe. We will be buying a Grohe shower system in the next month or so, and it is also plastic. This time we won't worry about it.

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Like chloe mentions, they will honor the lifetime warranty. But you must show proof of purchase.

The warranty does not cover things related to water quality, vandalism or theft. Brass and copper are very prone to theft and vandalism. Anywhere outside of my personal residence, I would prefer to use plastic for that very reason.

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