6 month old kitten found me/disappeared

jones60July 1, 2014

About a week ago a gorgeous Polydactylis kitten found me with gold eyes. She was the most affectionate cat but was in heat. She seemed exhausted. I fed her made a nice bed for her on the deck chair and we just spent days together. She would vanish a bit late in day and a few evenings I just figured she was roaming didn't think much of it. About the 5 day we got very attached though it was love at first site. She let me comb her she had no fleas or ticks. So probably someones cat. By the 5th night I decided to take her in she loved her little room but I would let her out during the morning figuring perhaps she could find her way home. So 2 nights she stayed in but would go out and come back. She was in heat but by the 6th day it stopped. Well now a sunday morning I let her out she never came home. Though that sunday morning I heard my neighbors cat growling so I went through the woods and there was "My cat". I called her she looked at me I tried to approach but she kept looking back ran down to the neighbors down the hill and looked back at me and proceeded to take a left onto a very long private driveway. It was like she lived there. I thought maybe that was her home. I do not know the people nor could I find phone numbers. So I felt perhaps she lived there. Its been 2 days now and she has not returned. How I hope she does because if anyone let a kitten out in heat does not deserve her. Wll she come back??

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My guess is that she's been out 'catting around' & she has returned home.

I'm sorry, but I think you might want to investigate adopting a kitten somewhere else.

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I agree with sylvia 1000% there are so many cats in the shelters that need a good home & the love that you have to give, keep us posted!!!!

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well low and behold she showed up. I would call her everynight as they say its in the evenings its heard more. This morning I decided to go up that long driveway and talk to the people, Well no one home at either, one house had four dogs barking. So I returned home and THERE WAS THE CAT ON MY DECK!!! I could not believe it. I took her in and she is loving it and has been sleeping ever since but gets up for meals. Just so you all know I am not looking for another cat I have two. But this cat found me and always came back. I will get it fixed KEEP IT IN and if someone is so bothered that its lost then put ads up!!! I did about a found cat and No responses. Plus who would let a kitten out in heat!!! There are Coyotes and bobcats here!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats, and so glad you are going to have her fixed!

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Buddy thank you for keeping her in and your plan to get her fixed. Honestly I feel so bad when I see a cat that has been killed by being hit by a car because their "owner" let them roam. Until cats learn to always look both ways before crossing a street, and can defend themselves against predators (animals and humans) they need to be protected. I am glad you are her protector.

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Thank you for taking her in....another one saved!

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Did anyone besides me notice the first post was by jones60 and the second by buddy50? Are you the same person?

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