Coffee maker outside of kitchen?

GenX-LudditeMarch 28, 2014

While my kitchen is awaiting countertops and sink, I have moved my coffee maker to a bathroom adjacent to the bedroom. I am finding that this is super convenient in the morning: roll out of bed, put the coffee on, go right across the hall to the study to read the morning's email and prep for class with lovely mug of caffeinated goodness in hand. There's no need to go all the way to the other side of the house to the kitchen, and then my second and third cups are only steps away when I want them. I am really enjoying this unanticipated convenience.

I can't help but think, though, that the coffee maker just doesn't belong in the bath -- even though there's almost enough counter space for it, and it's not anywhere near the toilet & shower, which are separated from the sink area by a door.

And I worry that wanting to save the 30 steps that usually stand between me and my morning mug means that I am a hopelessly lazy caffeine-addicted sluggard. :)

Anyway, I'd love to know whether anyone else keeps a coffee maker somewhere other than the kitchen, and if so, how do you integrate it into whatever room it's in?

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Sounds like a lovely way to start the day! I've often thought of moving the coffee maker to the dining room. It would the same number of steps from the sink as its current location at the far end of my long kitchen. And it would be another reason to eat breakfast & linger in the dining room instead of chowing down at the kitchen breakfast bar. Much more refined :)

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I recently moved the coffee and supplies to my dining room and love it there! I have a small house and very little counter space in the kitchen so it was a win win for me. I have an old Mexican pine buffet and on it I have the keurig, a ceramic water pitcher, a wire basket with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. the grand kids love it too. I keep marshmallows and flavorings in the buffet and they can concoct their beverages.

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I know several homeowners, whose travels have convinced them of the convenience of a coffeemaker in the en suite, who have built their homes so that they have it nearby as well as having one in the kitchen for other times. Then there is the other school of thought about the germs from the toilet and the distance and the toothbrush and all that.

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When we were looking at houses, one house had a little area in a master closet with a sink (w/ instant hot), a small fridge and a coffee pot. It is a very nice idea and I don't see a problem with it. In fact, I'm now thinking about where I could put an electric tea kettle in my bedroom so I could have tea w/o leaving the room in the morning....

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I have kept a keurig in the office/study for years. I don't have room in the bathroom but I doubt I would keep there even if I did.

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Hey, whatever is convenient and makes you happy :)

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Wherever you want it is where it should be.

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I have a coffee maker and supplies in the guest room in addition to the kitchen. BC(before children) we used the guestroom one every weekend so we did not need to leave the second floor:). Now it is easier to use the kitchen one whilst feeding the masses:).

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Our coffee maker is in the room we use as office, just off the garage. It's great for dh because he can refill his coffee just by swiveling his chair and get his 2 cups in while checking email before heading off to work.

I like it because I don't like the smell of coffee and it's as far from our bedroom as it could get. ;)

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I was going to say sounds like you should move it to the study.
A perfect spot for a coffee bar.

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Hey thanks, all. It's nice to know it's not 100% loony to have coffee elsewhere. If I did keep it on the BR-study side of the house, it would be in the (second) bathroom, because I am messy: however careful I am I always manage to drip water somewhere when I'm filling the coffee maker, usually without noticing it until I see the spots later on. The study, with wood floors, furniture, and bookcases, is not really set up to handle water spills. When I get to bathroom redecorating -- a couple years down the road -- I'll try to fit coffee in there, maybe in a little cabinet? But for now I may just get a small coffee brewer for the guest bath a.k.a. powder room, one that I can stash out of sight when company comes.

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I can go into many reasons why, but don't put it in the bathroom.

Find another spot in the area and put the coffee maker on a tray which will catch any spilled water. The tray should be big enough to hold sugar, spoon, etc.

Keep a dishtowel close-by to use after you fill the pot with water so you can put the towel under the pot while walking from the bathroom to the coffee station.

I miss having the fridge in the LR during our remodel. :)

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I have one on my screened porch in Maine and one here in my sunporch. It's my little sanctuary when I get up with the birds and DH is still sleeping. Being outside with brewing coffee is heavenly and the birds tweeting help too.

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Brought my parents to live with us and found their coffee likes/dislikes are so very different than ours.

Mom set up her own coffee pot and supplies on our small kitchen counter and with 2 coffee makers/supplies it just looked too crowded/cramped, got too messy during the day so it was my husband who suggested we put our coffee maker and supplies in our bedroom.
We have a desk area against one wall with cab doors to hide books/files, etc.
I cleared one of those out and use it for all the coffee beans, supplies, grinder.
The coffee maker sits just below that cupboard door and is somewhat hidden when you walk in the room by a small table-top topiary placed strategically in front of the coffee maker.
We added a small filter to our M.Bathroom faucet and fill the glass carafe from there but the actual coffee pot is in our bedroom.
Even if parents moved I would not put my coffee maker back in the kitchen.
When we have company, we make a pot of coffee, pour it into a pretty Thermal Server to keep it hot, on a tray with all the coffee supplies and out to the guests. Works perfectly for us.

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